Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Beats Workin

last night was quite possibly the worst I've slept in 2007. My son & I seem to be sharing a stomach bug...I didn't eat anything until dinnertime (pancakes & ginger ale). Wild Thing deemed Ginger Ale "spicy grown-up drink" and asked for juice box. I was invited to ride to today w/ a friend I haven't seen since New Year's Eve (we enjoyed a frigid last ride of '06 at Brandywine), but I was too sick. Tomorrow is another day and I'll just try to hit it hard when I feel better. Booked the Helicopter Museum for the neighborhood memorial benefit...It's going to be an exciting event!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Puddles & Chirping Birds

I am so delusional about my confidence is waning. Before the snow, I was able to get three good rides in per week. It pleased me to log those rides on the calendar on the fridge, to see my time spent on the bike, the destination, the pleased me to see my rides scribbled next to playdates, work obligations, family stuff. Then came the snow and suddenly just a few lonely blocks on the calendar...sparse road rides. I was not among the adventure seekers enjoying the trails paved with snow. What made me happy today? Coming home from work to a happy least somebody rode their bike (OK, trike) today!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Licking My Wounds

awoke from a nightmare and was unable to go back to sleep this morning. I am running on empty...
The Wild Thing and I were at odds all day. Something about the gray skies and freezing rain. Thought a little playdate w/ Sophie would lighten things up. Uh, no. In true two-year old fashion, my son was tackling, grabbing, whining, and throwing. Two "breaks" on the step (my friendly little version of the dreaded time-out) proved futile. The final straw came at naptime...the little f****** just wouldn't nap. Cute singing and chatting from his room became kicking and screaming. I brought him downstairs to "snuggle on the couch" and he showed his gratitude by dumping my cup of tea on the carpet and my purple clogs.
My dear husband was like, "I'll bathe him." I'm not sure if he was giving me a break or if he was afraid to leave me alone with the little diablo.
It's good for me to feel defeated once in a while...and I'm sure I'll sleep much better tonight.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Take Warning

Woke up with swollen glands and sore throat...knew pops was depending on me for a road adventure. So, after a satisfying cup of tea and bowl of cinnamon Puffins, I was bundled up and ready to roll. Love my new bib knickers...what a revelation, everything nice and tucked in. Felt sluggish to start, but started to mentally warm up after we crossed 322. Allerton was icy and I was happy to just stay upright. The ride back was a little feisty and I was able to stay on my dad's wheel up Big Mac (I know, I's his recovery week, but I am fighting off a bug, so let me have my moment). Back at the homestead, recovered with grilled cheese and emergen-c. Big, fat snowy nap, mom's lentil soup & homemade pizza for dinner. Now I am ready for the red carpet. What am I wearing? Pajamas by Old Navy.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Save us Obi Wan...

Jeff had a nice ride w/ my dad on the road...I had a nice outing w/ my mom & the Wild Thing (who was indeed pretty wild today). Tomorrow is my turn to ride (still not braving the trails...I don't want to end my season with an injury before it even starts). Attended Rob & Kristin's shower this afternoon. We are going to need a daycare tent at the races. Grizzly Murph is on his feet w/ a cane. He advised us to never break a femur. Noted.
Found out what happens when son skips nap...he passes out on the couch before dinner and parents get to watch a stage of the tour of California (awesome scenery). Ahhh, Saturdays.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Skippy Jon Jones' Wild Night

1 bad haircut (I wanted the un-haircut, as I am trying to grow it out for the third time),
1 great meal (Aoki takeout, healthy & yummy), 1 tired toddler (ever been to Bounce U?), 1 exhausted husband (ever build elevators in a 57-story building on a windy day such as today?), 1 happy mama (it is Friday after all).

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Team Spirit

I skipped a nap in favor of seriously neglected chores (Mt. St. Laundry, Squalortown Kitchen). Decided to go for a run instead of solo ride...legs felt weird on pavement, but it was a nice change. Dinner tonight at Teca with the family and fellas from the shop...Thanks, Sean! Enjoyed a Hoeggarden, Galina canta panini, and (the best part) a Grappa Espresso. 2004 we broke the news of our baby-to-be at Teca. It was a week before the first MASS race, I was all set to begin my second season (movin on up to Sport), probably the best fitness of my life so dad and I had been training together and I could finally hang onto his wheel. So at my birthday dinner, I was like, "Dad, I can't race next week..." He was crestfallen, it was all we had been talking about. When I told him why, the whole mood changed, champagne was ordered (yeah, I had a sip), the whole family was excited and surprised. Here we are, 3 years later...things have changed enormously, yet they indeed remain the same. Chatter tonight about the upcoming season, our awesome team roster (yet this time I was also distracting our toddler from ripping all the sugar packets and writing on the new leather banquettes)...Counting down to our "hometown" race, French Creek On the Rocks!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


took a little field trip to manayunk w/ Grampy & son today. Of course Kadillac was closed...GG Erma's scapula ink will have to wait. The little guy was unimpressed with Cadence. He gets a much friendlier reception at Bean's where trikes and skateboards abound. Of course Wild Thing came home with souvenirs...kid-friendly monkey chopsticks, a yellow maraca and Skippy John Jones.
Tonight watched Bourdain in Puerto Rico...come on, Jeff, let's go!!
looks like next weekend we'll be back on the trails. Yay!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Keep on Moving

My new favorite treatment for dry hands:
Olive oil & sugar...just make a paste in your hands and scrub, scrub, scrub until the olive oil is absorbed, then wash with a mild soap. Soft again! My winter bike gloves do a number on my thumbs...I get these painful little calluses. I tried moving the shifters just a bit, I'm happy with the grips...I know it's the gloves. My hands are not pretty.
Tonight I attended a meeting for the fundraiser our neighborhood is having to benefit a family who recently lost their husband/father. 3 young boys left behind, all under the age 6. Cannot even fathom what those boys and their mom are going through. Mr.D was 35 and battling cancer, had a bone marrow transplant, complications ensued, but he was doing better. He was supposed to come home from the hospital for Super Bowl Sunday (just for the day), but didn't make it...he passed away.
I live in the neighborhood in which I spent a big part of my childhood & "teenage angst" years...I live 2 doors down from my old home. We're lucky to have such great neighbors.
The snow is melting, it was light outside when I left for work today (my one workday...I know, it's rough). Hard to bitch about the winter blues when a young widow down the street is wrangling three energetic boys on her own.
lucky to have my health & my family's health.

Monday, February 19, 2007

"It's just a cartoon, mama..."

the Piz is already sabotaging Boot Camp...he brought us delicious Country Oat bagels this morning and made a point to tell me just how delicious they are. He also told my mom he'll have soup & another bagel for dinner. Another bagel? Sometimes I wouldn't imagine having 2 bagels in a week, let alone one day. So if the Piz is doing it, then it must be okay!!
No, no, no...he's logging way more miles than me.
Next Wednesday is the last day of the month. I actually had a dream last night that daffodils were pushing up through the snow-covered front yard. Was I dreaming when I saw this Saturday's forecast? 62 degrees?!
the Wild Thing is under the weather (no doubt thanks to our trip to the Oasis...a germ-infested indoor Habi-trail for kids). We snuggled on the couch and watched "Cars" (yes, again) and "Scooby-Doo & the Monster of Mexico" (dropped off w/ the bagels). So a new favorite word today? "Chupa Cabre"!!

Friday, February 16, 2007


Go see the New Kings of Rhythm at Doc Magrogan's tonight...don't go there tomorrow for brunch.

last night I wore my husband down and he finally insisted that I book "the vacation." Originally, we planned somewhere sunny & tropical...then we realized our fair son will fry in the sun. little tow-headed Jamaica spoiler!! Then, much to Jeff's chagrin, I suggested Disney...let me just silence all you Disney naysayers right now. We have a toddler...I am afraid of flying. WDW is a three hour flight and child-friendly activities abound. We can travel by monorail or boat from park to is a magical place for a kid. We can have more adventurous travels off the beaten path when the Wild Thing is older. Right now, I just want a change of scenery and convenience. If I had a couple more hours of daylight, I don't think I'd be itching to escape. So, we'll see... The winter blahs are creeping up on me. Last year they hit harder much earlier and I suffered some serious insomnia and anxiety. This year, I am kind of treading above the blues and sleeping just slightly worse than usual (haven't truly had a peaceful night sleep since 2003). No need for Ambien or therapy this year. Just long, hard rides and long, hard naps.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

While my tea is brewing

Guilty Pleasures:
The Hills
Justin Timberlake (well, he is bringing Sexy back, after all)...oh my god, I really just admitted that, didn't I? Oh, gross...
Uggs (ug-ly indeed, but what a treat for my feet)...I'm just not a slipper gal (gal?!)
the Litespeed/Pisgah (!) is visiting the shop today to straighten out the whole fork situation. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy a ride this weekend (the Piz reported 85% of the roads had shoulders today...he managed to get a couple hours on the Bontrager/secret weapon). Me? I slept late, played at the neighbors, ate a fun-size pack of M&Ms, and watched Mr.Rogers (what a strange place, that land of make believe).

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not the Shining

Weird sounds woke me up all night...sleet-y winds, freezing rain. Weird sounds made for weird dreams.
There was a Valentine surprise from my son, The Wild Thing...curiously, he has his dad's taste in jewelry. Nice job, boys! More surprising was all the snow that fell and drifted overnight. "Cars" took care of the little boss while I shoveled (no small undertaking...our driveway is sort of ridiculous). Then we made homemade Chickpea Moroccan flatbread for daddy...yum. I've already eaten two small loaves. Again, yum. My dad stopped by bearing flowers and chocolate (save that for later) and lime green Craft longjohns. Thanks, pops! He is already trying to psyche me up for a road/mountain bike adventure on Sunday. We'll see.
Now the Wild Thing is down for a much-needed afternoon nap. I need one, too.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Eve

Grilled cheese, hot early dismissal. Already plotting Sunday's ride. Made valentine treats for the fellas. Enjoyed a well-deserved New Castle after a trying ride home. I don't like Tuesdays.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I told you something felt loose

I do like Mondays...Yesterday found us at french creek for a 3 Hour tour. we introduced our newest teammate, Gary, to the Dark Side...conditions were Tip-top, but my new fork was anything but. Started out a bit sketchy and was distracted by a loose, rattle-y feeling in my headset. Husband agreed something may in fact be loose, but the Piz insisted my new fork needed to be broken in ("the manual says 20 hours..."). Thanks, but will I make it down red & white alive? I found myself missing my noodle, my Sid...still, I rode well (just slow and a bit scared on every downhill) and I cleaned the rock garden both ways. A feather in my cap, in spite of feeling unsteady and less-than-confident. After a non-nap (too amped), we enjoyed homemade sage chicken & pesto paninis at my parents. Following brownies and ice cream ("you rode well, go for it," said the Piz), we were entertained by Wild Thing's tricks (jumping from window seat to couch, hoisting heavy objects and dumping toys). Finally, a good night's sleep...ahhhh. Woke up to actual birds chirping and pleasant weather. Bundled up Wild Thing and took him to the park. He took a header in the front yard on his trike...bloody lip, bruised nose and forehead. The little boss just wiped his nose on my coat and asked for some jelly beans, then hopped back on his bike. Just like mommy! As for the fork?? the star nut didn't grab.