Monday, February 12, 2007

I told you something felt loose

I do like Mondays...Yesterday found us at french creek for a 3 Hour tour. we introduced our newest teammate, Gary, to the Dark Side...conditions were Tip-top, but my new fork was anything but. Started out a bit sketchy and was distracted by a loose, rattle-y feeling in my headset. Husband agreed something may in fact be loose, but the Piz insisted my new fork needed to be broken in ("the manual says 20 hours..."). Thanks, but will I make it down red & white alive? I found myself missing my noodle, my Sid...still, I rode well (just slow and a bit scared on every downhill) and I cleaned the rock garden both ways. A feather in my cap, in spite of feeling unsteady and less-than-confident. After a non-nap (too amped), we enjoyed homemade sage chicken & pesto paninis at my parents. Following brownies and ice cream ("you rode well, go for it," said the Piz), we were entertained by Wild Thing's tricks (jumping from window seat to couch, hoisting heavy objects and dumping toys). Finally, a good night's sleep...ahhhh. Woke up to actual birds chirping and pleasant weather. Bundled up Wild Thing and took him to the park. He took a header in the front yard on his trike...bloody lip, bruised nose and forehead. The little boss just wiped his nose on my coat and asked for some jelly beans, then hopped back on his bike. Just like mommy! As for the fork?? the star nut didn't grab.

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