Friday, February 16, 2007


Go see the New Kings of Rhythm at Doc Magrogan's tonight...don't go there tomorrow for brunch.

last night I wore my husband down and he finally insisted that I book "the vacation." Originally, we planned somewhere sunny & tropical...then we realized our fair son will fry in the sun. little tow-headed Jamaica spoiler!! Then, much to Jeff's chagrin, I suggested Disney...let me just silence all you Disney naysayers right now. We have a toddler...I am afraid of flying. WDW is a three hour flight and child-friendly activities abound. We can travel by monorail or boat from park to is a magical place for a kid. We can have more adventurous travels off the beaten path when the Wild Thing is older. Right now, I just want a change of scenery and convenience. If I had a couple more hours of daylight, I don't think I'd be itching to escape. So, we'll see... The winter blahs are creeping up on me. Last year they hit harder much earlier and I suffered some serious insomnia and anxiety. This year, I am kind of treading above the blues and sleeping just slightly worse than usual (haven't truly had a peaceful night sleep since 2003). No need for Ambien or therapy this year. Just long, hard rides and long, hard naps.

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