Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Keep on Moving

My new favorite treatment for dry hands:
Olive oil & sugar...just make a paste in your hands and scrub, scrub, scrub until the olive oil is absorbed, then wash with a mild soap. Soft again! My winter bike gloves do a number on my thumbs...I get these painful little calluses. I tried moving the shifters just a bit, I'm happy with the grips...I know it's the gloves. My hands are not pretty.
Tonight I attended a meeting for the fundraiser our neighborhood is having to benefit a family who recently lost their husband/father. 3 young boys left behind, all under the age 6. Cannot even fathom what those boys and their mom are going through. Mr.D was 35 and battling cancer, had a bone marrow transplant, complications ensued, but he was doing better. He was supposed to come home from the hospital for Super Bowl Sunday (just for the day), but didn't make it...he passed away.
I live in the neighborhood in which I spent a big part of my childhood & "teenage angst" years...I live 2 doors down from my old home. We're lucky to have such great neighbors.
The snow is melting, it was light outside when I left for work today (my one workday...I know, it's rough). Hard to bitch about the winter blues when a young widow down the street is wrangling three energetic boys on her own.
lucky to have my health & my family's health.

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