Monday, February 26, 2007

Licking My Wounds

awoke from a nightmare and was unable to go back to sleep this morning. I am running on empty...
The Wild Thing and I were at odds all day. Something about the gray skies and freezing rain. Thought a little playdate w/ Sophie would lighten things up. Uh, no. In true two-year old fashion, my son was tackling, grabbing, whining, and throwing. Two "breaks" on the step (my friendly little version of the dreaded time-out) proved futile. The final straw came at naptime...the little f****** just wouldn't nap. Cute singing and chatting from his room became kicking and screaming. I brought him downstairs to "snuggle on the couch" and he showed his gratitude by dumping my cup of tea on the carpet and my purple clogs.
My dear husband was like, "I'll bathe him." I'm not sure if he was giving me a break or if he was afraid to leave me alone with the little diablo.
It's good for me to feel defeated once in a while...and I'm sure I'll sleep much better tonight.

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