Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not the Shining

Weird sounds woke me up all night...sleet-y winds, freezing rain. Weird sounds made for weird dreams.
There was a Valentine surprise from my son, The Wild Thing...curiously, he has his dad's taste in jewelry. Nice job, boys! More surprising was all the snow that fell and drifted overnight. "Cars" took care of the little boss while I shoveled (no small undertaking...our driveway is sort of ridiculous). Then we made homemade Chickpea Moroccan flatbread for daddy...yum. I've already eaten two small loaves. Again, yum. My dad stopped by bearing flowers and chocolate (save that for later) and lime green Craft longjohns. Thanks, pops! He is already trying to psyche me up for a road/mountain bike adventure on Sunday. We'll see.
Now the Wild Thing is down for a much-needed afternoon nap. I need one, too.

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