Sunday, February 25, 2007

Take Warning

Woke up with swollen glands and sore throat...knew pops was depending on me for a road adventure. So, after a satisfying cup of tea and bowl of cinnamon Puffins, I was bundled up and ready to roll. Love my new bib knickers...what a revelation, everything nice and tucked in. Felt sluggish to start, but started to mentally warm up after we crossed 322. Allerton was icy and I was happy to just stay upright. The ride back was a little feisty and I was able to stay on my dad's wheel up Big Mac (I know, I's his recovery week, but I am fighting off a bug, so let me have my moment). Back at the homestead, recovered with grilled cheese and emergen-c. Big, fat snowy nap, mom's lentil soup & homemade pizza for dinner. Now I am ready for the red carpet. What am I wearing? Pajamas by Old Navy.

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