Thursday, February 22, 2007

Team Spirit

I skipped a nap in favor of seriously neglected chores (Mt. St. Laundry, Squalortown Kitchen). Decided to go for a run instead of solo ride...legs felt weird on pavement, but it was a nice change. Dinner tonight at Teca with the family and fellas from the shop...Thanks, Sean! Enjoyed a Hoeggarden, Galina canta panini, and (the best part) a Grappa Espresso. 2004 we broke the news of our baby-to-be at Teca. It was a week before the first MASS race, I was all set to begin my second season (movin on up to Sport), probably the best fitness of my life so dad and I had been training together and I could finally hang onto his wheel. So at my birthday dinner, I was like, "Dad, I can't race next week..." He was crestfallen, it was all we had been talking about. When I told him why, the whole mood changed, champagne was ordered (yeah, I had a sip), the whole family was excited and surprised. Here we are, 3 years later...things have changed enormously, yet they indeed remain the same. Chatter tonight about the upcoming season, our awesome team roster (yet this time I was also distracting our toddler from ripping all the sugar packets and writing on the new leather banquettes)...Counting down to our "hometown" race, French Creek On the Rocks!

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