Thursday, February 15, 2007

While my tea is brewing

Guilty Pleasures:
The Hills
Justin Timberlake (well, he is bringing Sexy back, after all)...oh my god, I really just admitted that, didn't I? Oh, gross...
Uggs (ug-ly indeed, but what a treat for my feet)...I'm just not a slipper gal (gal?!)
the Litespeed/Pisgah (!) is visiting the shop today to straighten out the whole fork situation. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy a ride this weekend (the Piz reported 85% of the roads had shoulders today...he managed to get a couple hours on the Bontrager/secret weapon). Me? I slept late, played at the neighbors, ate a fun-size pack of M&Ms, and watched Mr.Rogers (what a strange place, that land of make believe).

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