Sunday, March 18, 2007

Erma's Back & She's Driving a Buick

This morning I was invited down to Delaware to partake in some intense indoor training w/ the Brits at their very posh, very well-appointed health/Squash club...How come it only feels like work when it's indoors?? Still, sweating buckets and feeding off the energy of those around me was more fun than going it alone. We did intervals of 12 minutes on the bike followed by 12 minutes on the treads (, run, run). Deborah tried to encourage me to do a 7 minute mile, but I had to slow it down a bit by set 2. After 72 minutes, we cooled down and headed home. Stopped for a Green Tea Latte (skim milk, what a tastes exactly the same)...the best treat I've had all weekend. I saw my Grandmom stopped at a red light in the lane next to me...she had on Gucci shades and a black fur coat, sassy leather driving gloves (oh yeah, Grandmom passed away almost 5 years ago and she never had a driver's license). I wish she could see me in action, chasing my son around or chasing someone up a mean climb...I wish she could've seen my pathetic attempt at Pizzelles this Christmas. How did she get hers to look so perfect (oh, that's right...practice)?? Well, it was nice to see her enjoying a Sunday drive (and looking pretty fine to boot).

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