Monday, March 26, 2007

In the Woods In the Woods In the Woods!!

Dirt! Logs! Roots! Rocks! Yay!!!! My intention was to ride a few laps & run a few laps up in the woods (basically a short short-track in our backyard) purely to blow off some steam, maybe raise the heart rate a little...Once I hit the trail, I couldn't stop.
Felt amazing to be on hardpack (conditions up there were supreme, maybe just a little greasy on the little downhill)...the loop wasn't even boring and I was just eating it up, lap after lap after lap.
Finally, I parked the Kona at the Monolith (BP's old climbing wall...still standing, still ripe for climbing except for a few loose holds), hopped into my running shoes and off I went. Again, lap after lap after lap...Smiling, smiling, grimacing up the little power climb by the owl tree, smiling, smiling...Grabbed the Kona, headed down the hill. Satisfied!
Dinner tonight: Falafel, wheat pitas, fresh tabbouli & hummus...and maybe a weeknight Belgie just because.

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