Saturday, March 3, 2007

It's Saturday It's Saturday It's Saturday It's Saturday

I am not in love with our new memory foam mattress topper...My sleep is worse (didn't think that was possible), last night I woke up from a nasty dream of exploding fiery helicopters in the sky...the sleep marks/wrinkles/lines on my face are even more apparent in the morning. Tomorrow I get to rock the Piz's ksyriums on my cross bike (sold that silly road bike last year to someone who will appreciate it even less than I ever did)...tomorrow starts my renewed spirit for training. ha. We'll see. For dessert last night, I had two chocolate dipped strawberries. That is, truly, the first fruit I've eaten this year. My vegetable quota? Not much better. I don't think the dehydrated carrots and bell peppers in my Uncle Ben's Ready Rice count as real veggies. I am trying to convince my sister-in-law to join me for a field trip here tonight...

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