Monday, March 12, 2007


Long, long day...I'm taking a fifteen minute break from Puke Duty. Son is finally grabbing some much-needed shuteye following a hellish afternoon of puke-sip-repeat. Doc said, "No food, expect this to last nine to twelve hours...he can sip room temp water or Pedialyte."
He doesn't like Pedialyte...I tasted it and he's right, "It just gross..." So we watched "A Bug's Life" and read all the faves tonight, with a big empty bowl at the ready. He is sacked out and I am all set to camp on the floor (out of range of course).
A ride was out of the question, so I stole 40 minutes for a very brisk run when Jeff got home...a matter of convenience. Dinner (lentils and rice) was eaten on the sly, as we had to deny the poor kid any food ("Mama, need cereal." "No, sorry." "Applesauce?" "Nope.")...
Day started out beautifully...we played outside all morning and the Wild Thing has mastered his "Cheetah Bike."
Uh oh...back to PD.

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