Sunday, March 4, 2007


Before my ride this morning, I had to wrap my entire mid-section in saran wrap...I felt like passing out, so I poked some holes in the front. On went the bibs, the tights, the best base layer in the world (my Smart Wool long-sleeve), a wind jacket and a borrowed Beans vest...the plastic wrap left me feeling like a Lean Cuisine. All for a noble cause...protecting my brand new beautiful ink! Yay, I love it so!! Will post a pic as soon as the ick factor disappears. Loved the shop (thanks Justin)...the staff was super friendly and there was awesome artwork to admire everywhere I looked.
Pre-tattoo, enjoyed a somewhat healthy meal at Bella Trattoria (bowl of homemade Italian Wedding soup and shared a garlicky Margharita pizza w/ sister-in-law).
So, here I am pummeled from several hours in the wind...after-ride treat/recovery: Strawberry Quik & a slice of toast w/ macadamia cashew butter.
My dad likened our ride to a visit to the spa, "Invigorating!" Well, I've been to a spa, he hasn't...

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