Friday, March 23, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away...Seriously

Resting my legs today for the race (heh) tomorrow. Actually, the race starts now: -Locate Beans Jersey for Deborah (snails unite at the back of the pack!) -Sort enormous mountain of laundry (you want me to put it away, too?) -Get supplies for pre-race (heh heh) dinner/half-ass grocery shopping (when isn't it half-assed these days??) -Organize Toy Room (wait, that's the dining room, right?)...I love little Mr.Independent putting all his stuff away, but once a week Mommy gets a little crazed about the choo-choos mixed up with Geo Trax mixed up with the animals mixed up with the blocks mixed up with the... -Assemble race (hee hee) bag -Make a cd for the drive -Get ready for date night (not gonna happen) -Get to sleep at a decent hour (ummm...midnight?) Last night I slept poorly...Went to bed shortly after midnight, woke at 5, went back to sleep for a bit (the usual, weird noises, creaky duct work). Will forgo caffeine for the remainder of the day after I enjoy this cup of Yerba Mate. Aside from the heh heh's and hee-hee's, I am indeed serious about tomorrow...if I say I'm taking it lightly, I'm full of shit. The notion of actually "racing"? Honestly, I just want to learn something from the girls who know what they're doing out there, I want to stay upright, and I want to finish. And so it begins...

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