Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring...Mere Hours Away!

rest day, unintentionally. was going to venture out on the road just for a little spin, but husband is working late ("crane pick"...sounds fun). Woke up sore from yesterday's effort...the Dreadmill really humbled me. Have I really been running lately? What have I been doing when I suit up and "go for a run"? I think I am just joggin wonder I always have a smile on my face.
Pancakes for breakfast this morning...usually I make the small batch and limit my intake to a couple "silver dollars" (at home, of course...Nudy's Cafe is another story a word, Gingerbread Pancakes), Wild Thing gets the rest of the pile. Not today.
Wild Thing requested oatmeal (and I'm sad that he says it so clearly now, as just a few weeks ago it was more like, "Oapblumm"). So I made the small batch, a short stack if you will, and enjoyed them all (except one, which my son snatched and proclaimed "pancake taco" as he filled it with syrup & folded it in half).
Skiied after lunch (on our feet, down my parents un-shoveled driveway...BP rebuilt the newly powdercoated Bontrager in favor of shovelling Saturday). Someday I will probably have to endure "real skiing" again if Wild Thing shows any interest (my "skills" on the slope are anything but). Wait, that's what Peirce Middle School Ski Club is for!
Tomorrow is the first day of Spring, fittingly the day little Lamb is due to enter the world...don't keep us waiting, little guy! Your mama needs to get back on her bike!

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chunky monkey said...

Good for you still running! I was good and kept it going until early Feb. Haven't run since. Running sucks.