Saturday, March 24, 2007

Strasburg Road Race

I expected better of fact, I'm slightly embarrassed. What I learned at my first road race: -When the pack jumps, be ready -When the pack makes a move, pay attention -Don't let go of the wheel in front of you (I knew this already, but now I really know it) -When you get dropped, it is nearly impossible to claw your way back (OK, it was impossible for me to claw my way back) shame. No shame in trying and finishing...clearly I was out of my element. Clearly, I didn't expect to dazzle myself...truly, I did not expect to be last. Is this a reflection of my fitness? Probably not. Was I under-geared with my cross bike? Maybe, but I should have been able to hang on. On the bright side: -Deborah placed 6th (!) and it was her first road race -I tried something new -I rode 22 fast, hard miles -It didn't rain -the course was enjoyable -No crash, no mechanical -Made it home in time to read "Curious George Rides" to my son before his nap


chunky monkey said...

Good for you! I can't bring myself to do road racing. It scares me. And I agree, don't look at it as a reflection of your fitness, road racing is so tactical. You can be super strong, get on the wrong wheel and get spit out.

fatmarc said...

good stuff.
I've been dropped in that race before, it's a toughy.

next week I open up with a road race of my own. I'll let you know how it goes...