Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Little brother/Uncle Rocka has been hosting a Tuesday night jam at Spence...I would like to check it out one of these days. Back in the day, my brother tolerated my short-lived drummer aspirations. Back in the day (like waaay back) he even let me sit in on "Rapper's Delight" at the D-Town Farmer's Market...back in the day my hair was long enough to be in a ponytail.
I've had this short haircut for nearly eleven years...I've unsuccessfully tried growing it out 3 times. The first two times I chopped it upon race season...the last time was Natalie Portman's fault. Believe me, I know I'm in a completely different universe than Natalie Portman, but when she appeared on the cover of Vogue w/ my haircut (post-V for Vendetta), I had to reclaim what was mine. Chop chop...well, she is growing hers out much more gracefully than I. Duh.
My head is pounding, belly roiling (yes, roiling)...thanks, kid.

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