Saturday, March 10, 2007

Uncle Rocka

My brother is joining us for dinner tonight...we will be having pasta with fresh herbs, sundried tomatoes and roasted chicken. He will be having plain pasta with butter and garlic...and maybe a chicken leg.
Should be attacking the laundry or the neglected bathroom...instead drink tea, contemplate.
Arrived home from grocery shopping (one chore down) to muddy son playing in front yard w/ two "big kids" (what are they? 3 and 5?)...these are two of the three boys who recently lost their daddy to cancer. So there they are, making mud soup in the front yard, commiserating about a movie they all saw ("Barnyard"...pass), throwing ice chunks in the storm drain...boy stuff. Tough guy was soaked up to his knees, huge smile on his face. Nap time came and went, snacks were passed out, mud was flung everywhere. Very matter-of-factly, Michael informed me that his dad is dead. Kids are so hardy, so's amazing. Having a child truly informs your own mortality. For a long time, disaster and tragedy lurked around every corner...crisis and harm loomed over me or my child. It's a crappy way to live and a waste of energy. I've slowly learned to enjoy more and fear less. Still learning, actually.
It's Saturday...tomorrow is ride day (fi-na-lly) and good things happened this week:
Kate and I made up (I suck at friendship...especially girls...I hate talking on the phone, I waffle on plans, I just suck...I am brutally honest and sometimes I put the superiority hat on...who do I think I am?!)
I found Louis
I finally purchased running shoes that actually fit properly
My brother & his wife had their first ultrasound and saw the little peanut's heartbeat
My son's devil horns shrank a little bit

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