Sunday, March 11, 2007


awesome loop today...started at Victory, rode out to (and through) Hibernia, came back down to 282 via Springton Manor/Springton Road. Dropped off a bit on dad slowed up, but I insisted I was fine and really enjoying that stretch of road. Perfect rollers, just what I needed to just pedal, pedal, pedal...I caught up when we reached D-Town, then we were headed home. The road is growing on me and I'm sure these miles will only fuel the fire even more. Beautiful bulky gloves, no shoe covers, no balaclava. Even smelled like spring (and I don't mean the gross wormy smell)...I mean the sweet farmy-hay smell. Ahhhh... Now husband, dad, & bro are at the movies ("the 300"), son is napping, mom is down the street making lasagna and angel food cake...Me? I'll be visiting Naptown.

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