Monday, April 23, 2007


Last night's post-race "victory feast" was a bit disappointing (the company was excellent, but dinner itself was a little less than)...after a veggie burger & scoop of rice, I convinced the troops to head to Maggie Moo's for a real treat. I enjoyed a kid-size (which translates to a very generous scoop...the whole Super-Size Me mentality, I suppose) cone of Cinnamoo Bun.
Slept very fitfully last night...woke up every hour or so and had a hard time getting back to sleep. Thought a lot about the race & the ride itself...I find these thoughts creeping into my head a lot more now. When is the next ride? Where is the next race? Wow, I handled that climb really well...Wow, I sucked at those tight turns!
I started racing on a whim...purely because my dad suggested it, the same year I got my bike. The night before Granogue (2003), I remember talking to BP on the phone, asking what I should bring, what I should know...I wore baggy shorts, ill-fitting shoes, & a corny, corny jersey. I remember the disco-tunnel, good music, an enthusiastic crowd, and a super-fun course...I remember being on the podium with two Kristins, one who would become a great friend & awesome teammate. I remember winning a Wooden Wheels water bottle because I correctly answered the DJ's music trivia question ("Who is this artist?" the song was "Straight to Hell"..."the Clash!") this day, Granogue 03 was one of my best race experiences. The end result (and cool plaque!) was a bonus...I met new friends, had a great ride on new trails, and best of all...I got race fever.
Now I've got it bad.

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Frank Brigandi said...

those fitful sleep issues can be easily remediated.
Here's how. Your brian is awake, you are sort of running on a natural stimulant that your body produces after extreme adrenaline rushes, like racing a bicycle over rocks and stuff... ha!.. you have to shut off those chemical productions or the next day, yes you will be sleep deprived but almost feel as though you are flat mentally which is due to the over production of dopamines and other happy chemicals that induce us to feel elation after physical experience a crash of sorts, so after your race, you need to cycle (literally and figuratively) those chemicals out of your system . ie; go for a cool down spin, which literally cools your jets, to allow you to relax and turn off the gogo juice.. so to speak. never take medication unless your brain doesn't know how to turn off, which isn't uncommon but is definately able to be handled by way of excersizing after your excersize.. for lack of a better word.
Massage also moves these gogo chemicals out of your muscles by way of literal force, they can lay dormant for a few hours and hide out in a muscle then re-circulate hours later just by walking up a flight of stairs. massage after a race is always a prime way to cap off a day of fun and hard cycling..
ps, your son is a handsome little man indeed!..