Monday, April 30, 2007

Gonna Have a Funky Good Time

Saturday Night...The Stephen Del Grande Memorial Benefit was a huge success...300+ in attendance (neighbors, friends, family). The Helicopter Museum proved to be a perfect venue for our event...the place was brimming with energy.
The New Kings of Rhythm laying down the funk... Heather and Michael...Heather was overwhelmed with gratitude & I'm sure we did a great job of honoring her husband's memory
Sunday, my dad picked me up for a "mellow" ride at French Creek...he was suffering from a rare hangover (triple threat of a wedding, the benefit & celebrating his & my mom's 34th wedding anniversary the night before) & wanted to "ride easy." Decided against checking out the race loop, and left from the lake...didn't take long for our easy ride to become quite lively & we had a blast. The weather was perfect with conditions to match...Chomp, chomp, chomp, eating up the rocks. Fellow mountain bikers were out in droves & we saw may familiar faces...great energy & friendly vibes out on the trails. Sunday ended with dinner at my parents...the Perna legacy will live on, as my brother & sister-in-law announced they are expecting a boy. Great...someone for Wild Thing to raise hell with. Enjoyed the best homemade manicotti mom grates a little lemon zest into the crepe batter...yum! I could have eaten ten.

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