Thursday, April 5, 2007


The little one is still napping and mommy is amped from the Best Ride Ever (slight exaggeration, maybe). Today was one of my favorite kind of adventures...just me & my dad, favorite trails (French Creek), lime green Sport Beans, new boots (Kenda Kharisma...rave reviews), superior conditions, and a surprise snow shower. BP set a nice pace, I got my bungle out of the way early on (no biggie, just a little bruise on my palm)...then fun, fun, fun, nonstop fun! Something in me just went, "eat up the rocks, go go go..." We did a little bonus loop back to the fire tower climb (which I always struggle with and we usually avoid): steady, steady, higher, higher, gasp, gasp, steady, whoah my breathing is coming back, that's weird, feel good, steady, steady, forward, forward, take it, there's BP, not gonna make him wait at the top cause here I come, little further, steady...Holy effing shit!! Made it...feather in my cap, feels good to be comfortable on the rocks again. And Wild Thing is up..."Mommy! I wake up..." Looks like Peace-a-Pizza tonight, followed by the bookstore (daddy's still on's pretty much, "See you in July when we hit the beach for a week"). "mommy!!" Here I come, little boss...

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