Monday, April 2, 2007

Happy Monday

Today: -New tires from BP (early birthday present)...will try them out at FC Thursday!! -Played at "the big Jeep" Park -Played some more in the neighborhood (my kid learned how to fly a kite today from the del Grande boys!) -Started insurmountable task of cleaning my room (need to purge a lot of nonsense, need to get to the bottom of this laundry problem) -Snuck in a solo road ride while BP played w/ his grandson (simplicity...would've been a perfect day for the trails, but I was grateful to put in some miles under the sun) -Ate leftover semi-homemade pizza for dinner (Arugula & Sundried tomatoes for me, Pepperoni for little boss) -Took Son on a date to Rita's (daddy's on OT)...we tried to decide what's tastier; Banana Cream or Coconut Misto (both damn yummy) -Played outside until dark...all the kids were out & spring break is in full swing (hockey, tree climbing, soccer, scooters, rollerblades, bikes bikes bikes) -Put son to bed at 9pm...he rarely sees this hour, but Heather dosed them with cupcakes just before dark, so we had energy to spare -Husband is finally on the road home & I've got the kettle on

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