Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hibernia...Gimme Some More!

Nothing like Nestle Quik for speedy recovery...yum yum.
Part One: Duathlon
-2mile run (my strategy was to just run like hell to Get to the Bike,Get to the Bike Fast!)
-12 mile ride (Sorry, Hibernia, for scoffing at you so snidely..."Oh, last time I rode here I was 5 months pregnant blah blah blah")...cause, Damn! You've got some mean little hills and some slip-slip slop! The loop was no joke (especially in today's heat).
-2 more miles to run (I imagined myself breathing into the cramps in my calves...guess it worked)
-1st place in my age group, first gold ever...I have to admit, that felt really good.
Part Two: Short Track
-Ugh!! 25 minutes all out...gravel, gravel, gravel with tight turns, 1 bitch of a little climb and gravel, gravel, gravel
-Fought hard just to stay in the middle, but finished really strong (so proud of Deborah, who lapped me right at the end)
The heat left me a bit queasy and exhausted, but I drove away with a big smile on my face. Bean's had a great showing (Nancy, Damon, and Wendy all placed in their age groups in the duathlon) for both events. We have such an energetic & fun team this year.
One more bottle of water & a nice long salt soak...ahhhhh.


fatmarc said...

congrats on a great race day!

sounds like season is coming together well for you.

we ate like kings sunday morning when we got home. it was so good.

Frank Brigandi said...

I always loved Hibernia, I won the expert race in 1988... now I relish beating my daughter to the bathroom in the morning.. yeah, steep climbs, weird rocky mini downhills, and there was this waist deep water crossing a long time ago, I guess it's gone now?.. awesome job...