Thursday, April 19, 2007

"I Against I"

My hips ache, my legs are trashed...yesterday I ran (and ran and ran), seeking out every hill time would allow for. After hearing about Gary, I wasn't in the mood to go out for a solo ride. My friend Deborah is still recovering from the injuries she suffered back in January when a car hit her while she was riding the road...I know, accidents happen. But, I worry. A lot. I've been trying hard to fear less and enjoy more, but honestly it's a battle...a process. I have "tools and techniques" to help manage my worry, but sometimes they fail me. Sometimes breathing deeply is not enough...sometimes visualizing the worst makes it...worse. So yesterday I worried about many things (most worrisome: are any schools safe anywhere any more?)...I don't want to pass this anxiety on to my son. I want him to be unafraid and independent, yet I want him to be's a slippery slope sometimes, this parenting thing. Oh, and about this parenting thing:
-My Kid is not going to eat McDonalds...(lasted two full years, then Mommy felt lazy & hormonal one afternoon and the drive-thru least for now I can count on one hand how many Happy Meals he has consumed)
-My Kid is going to watch very limited TV (well, he is limited to Sesame Street, Backyardigans, Jakers, Mr.Rogers, Bob the Builder...just to mention a few)
-My Kid is not going to have candy (yet)...(do Peeps count? How about M&Ms during a haircut? Candy Corn? Pez is really all about the dispenser, right? Are Sport Beans considered candy??)
That's right...Sport Beans.
But, just one (or two) when I come back from a ride.
And, or two is all it takes to get a toddler amped.

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Frank Brigandi said...

safety in numbers KD.... trail running is very important in off road training. hill sprints are a great way to see spots and puke a little.