Sunday, April 8, 2007

Peeps & Jellybeans

Easter morning began with an indoor egg hunt...breakfast was Peeps and jellybeans (I'm not anti-candy kid has a sweet tooth that rivals mine, thankfully he also loves to brush his teeth). My dad and I met Deborah at Brandywine for a chilly ride...Deborah put together a nice loop and we enjoyed a spirited & lively pace. Hit all the good stuff and did some fun trails in reverse to keep it interesting...sometimes I take that place for granted, but there is definitely a lot of fun to be had (not to mention some badass climbs). Did not spot the Bunny anywhere...I guess he was retreating in a hole after a hard night of filling baskets & hiding eggs. Solid nap this afternoon (love it when the whole family naps on a Sunday afternoon)...guess I rode a little harder than I thought. My cousin and I cooked dinner for the whole family (menu: barley soup, pesto pasta, lasagna, rosemary foccacia, ham, veggies, and too many treats for dessert including homemade pizzelles). All the kids were amped on sugar and holiday excitement...I wish Grandmom Erma could see them (and us) in action (well, I do feel like she's watching our every move sometimes). The fact that I nailed the foccacia might make up for the ink I got in her honor (which has healed quite beautifully)...she was not into tattoos, but that foccacia was damn close to her white pizza (and I'm not talking about that phony ass, greasy, cheesy white "pizza" pizza).

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