Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Team Spirit!!


-I pretend I don't hear the monitor so I can sleep (a little bit) longer

-I wish my hair was long

-I eat nothing but carbs all day long

-I just don't feel like talking

-I check to see if my son is breathing in the middle of the night just like when he was brand new

-I still don't clip in (sometimes!)

-I am afraid of big logs

-I make it through the rock garden both ways

-I spend too much money on hair products, hair cuts, and bath treats

-I watch really, really bad TV (Real World, the Hills)...again, sometimes!

-I tell my son the park is closed or "they're fixing the slide" at the mall playground

-I stay home from work, my one day of work, just because

-My job grosses me out

-I want my own bedroom (it's just a snoring issue)

-I'm envious of my dad (his schedule, his fitness, his skills)

-I sleep well