Friday, April 6, 2007

Short & Bad at Math

This time 32 years ago, I was letting my mom know I was ready to be born...this time 32 years ago, ashtrays were available bedside in the maternity ward (which is why I am short & bad at math). 32nd birthday hardly merits much fanfare, and being "in my thirties" doesn't bother me (why should it?)...but, I do like birthdays so we will celebrate at Senora's tonight followed by cocktails at Teca (late night, with the girls).
-5th Birthday:dad blew up at Carvel morning of party because my Holly Hobbie cake wasn't ready (or was it the wrong name??), party in the backyard, Philip Thorne brought a slideshow about Saturn (I swear...and he went on to be our valedictorian with a complicated graduation speech about nanotechnology), I wore a pink gingham sundress and my easter bonnet
-16th Birthday: party on the deck, hippie friends and punk rock friends merged for the first time, I had a crush on Eli, but I think I was still getting over Eric...maybe I liked Mike, wore weird blue clingy dress & my ten-hole Docs, Margaret brought Clove cigarettes (I think we passed one around at the playground I now frequent with my son)
-21st Birthday: Newark friends came up to West Chester for a "surprise" party at my parent's (I was living in Delaware), little bro's band played, my hair was too dark & I smoked Marlboro Menthol Lights (gross), received a bottle of Goldshlager from my roommates (gross) & I think my drink of choice was Goldshlager & Dr.Pepper (again, gross), wore ugly Polyester purple shirt with snaps, a black mini, and shoes I can only describe as "should have known better"
-29th birthday: dinner at Teca, broke the news that we were havin a baby! Crazy Liz was in attendance & still my best friend (several weeks later she would sneak into my house and steal almost $300 cash), wore skinniest pants in my closet (I knew my days were numbered) and my pink tourmaline earrings (thanks Jeff)
-30th birthday: Uneventful, my birthdays are now eclipsed by the kid and that's the way I like it! probably wore something to hide my post-preg belly & show off my post-preg boobs (the only time I have ever had anything in that department)
Good luck to all the relay teams heading to Marysville tomorrow...especially to the Beans crew (wish I could be there with the team to unleash my inner racing fury after my embarrassing road spectacle) and of course, the badass Spot Brand teams (stay warm & go fast like you always do)!

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