Friday, April 13, 2007

"Wolf Like Me"

Didn't utter a word about Friday the 13th until the ride was over (flawless loop) injuries, no mishaps, no cries for help (OK, that's a bit dramatic...but, this was my first try at navigating FC solo). Introduced our teammates/friends from Delaware-via-England to some of my favorite trails ...we'll save the Dark Side for another (sunnier?) day.
Sunday is officially cancelled...the forecast sounds apocalyptic. I am not opposed to riding/running in miserable conditions, but Hibernia doesn't stand much of a chance against both Mother Nature & a mountain bike race/duathlon. Looks like Wild Thing will have Mom & Dad (together!) around for some Sunday fun...that is a good thing, indeed.
Another good thing...I caught a glimpse of sunshine for nearly two whole minutes this afternoon.


fatmarc said...

nice tv on the radio reference. I think.

we open up in a week with any luck.

kd said...

that song was in my head pretty much the whole ride...