Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sweet Escape

today's soundtrack
Cati and I met this evening for a casual, chatty ride at Downingtown. I battled with a bee circling my head (seemingly for miles) and prayed the fucker wasn't doing some tricky bee dance to summon all his bee buddies...last summer there were some nasty, nasty encounters with ground nests. Thanks to some extra-greasy roots on the little off-camber traverse, my right ankle got up close & personal with two mean rocks...oops. Bzzzzzzzzzz...keep moving. Other than the incessant buzzing, I really enjoyed the woods tonight.
Home again, home again Jiggety-Jig

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

They're Here!


I gave my (4 weeks) notice today. Yes, I only work one day a week...but I've been there six years (nearly five of which was full-time). They wouldn't let me go when I tried to leave after I had my baby ("How about one day a week? Will you stay?")... I guess there wasn't anything left to negotiate this time ("Um, how about a couple hours a day, once a month? You want to come in for one day every six months??")...It's been a long time coming. You ever just feel like you don't belong somewhere anymore? Any other time I have felt that way, I've had to stick it out... Some things just aren't worth sticking it out for.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Achhooooo...Sniffle, Sniffle

Gearing up for the rainy days ahead... "Hey guys, when you get that sorted out, I'd like a cup of tea and some scrambled eggs!"
Glad I didn't cancel...I flake on these kind of plans too often
Now I know why my ride sucked yesterday...woke up with swollen glands, sore throat, runny nose...Ugh. A little hayfever/seasonal allergies with a good old-fashioned cold sprinkled on top. Yum!
Had plans to meet Kate, my friend from elementary school (my first "best friend" at Mary C. Howse), at Teca for lunch...Sadly, Teca was closed so we walked up to Iron Hill. Blehhhh.
Had my heart set on a nice bowl of soup at Teca, no appetite for anything else.
We made these plans over a month ago and I really wanted to bail out after waking up so miserable...
Pulled myself together and had a nice time. Kate is considering going to med school, uprooting her life and moving 6 hours away...Courageous to say the least. I can't imagine going back to school at this point in my life, although I do love the whole notion of being a student again.
This afternoon found the whole family napping for nearly 3 hours (we are all under the weather together...misery loves company). Headed to Target for some cold remedies & a kitchen set for the Little Chef. Dinner was an extremely soothing bowl of steaming hot Miso soup courtesy of Aoki.
Sniffle, sniffle...Now, a relaxing, hot bath and a nice tablespoon of Nyquil.
Need to be healthy for our houseguests...can't share this cold with the Pros!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Taking the fun outdoors
Maggie Moo's Chocolate Better Batter Ice Cream Cupcake
Finger Lickin' Finger Lickin' Good Y'all
yet another use for the EZ UP
"Show me how to launch the water rocket, Uncle Rob."
"Mommy, you have any boo-boos? I take care of you..."
(I guess Little Guy heard about my less-than smooth ride...he has a personal stash of "Pirate" bandaids)
The day began with a journey through Fairhill with my dad & Jeff...Jeff hasn't touched a bike since our rendez -vous at Dtown almost a month ago. It is a privilege to be able to ride together these days...I miss it.
Up the gravel road past the nature center, my legs said, ", no..." (can't feel great all the time...chill out, warm up, settle in...)
Upon hitting the trails, my right eye became a bug magnet & a fit of relentless sneezing ensued...never experienced such a severe allergy attack during a ride before. Frustrated, I plugged along well behind the boys...
Took the lead through South Park & finally began to feel better...However, once we exited the gate, my riding grew sloppier with each push, each pedal stroke.
Completely jammed up Jeff on the first steep hill we hit...the sneezing fit had resumed, my breathing was weird & I felt completely unfocused.
An hour+ into the ride, Jeff flatted & for once I was happy for the little reprieve. Broke my own rule & uttered a complaint, "I feel crappy. I'm just not riding well."
The second half of the ride was more enjoyable...happened upon some of the Beans Boys (Lander, Chris H, Ben) with Buddy, Fitzy & several of their compatriots...I'm always inspired when we cross paths with any permutation of that group. Earlier this week, I was climbing out of the stream crossing at Dtown while the Wednesday Night Freight Train blazed down...what a formidable group of guys (always friendly no matter how hard they're going).
Watched the fellas play on the newest hand-hewn timber/log feature. Jeff remarked, "I don't see a sign that says Boys Only," but I was feeling clumsy and overheated. Maybe next time!
Called it a day shortly after exchanging pleasantries with the guys and headed home...
After a Strawberry Quik & toast w/ almond butter, I grabbed a solid, much-needed nap.
Enjoyed a barbecue with family and friends at the Perna's this evening...not feeling very carnivorous these days, but the corn on the cob was holiday-weekend Perfect.
Our kid is growing up so fast...he "read" us a story tonight.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Spreading the Love

Best Buddies Chicks
Debi & I took the kids to the farm this was a perfect day. Debi is my neighbor...we met shortly after I moved here and we commiserated about teething, nursing, sleepless nights & cranky husbands.
A couple weeks ago, I took her to Marsh Creek for her first mountain bike experience, as she had expressed interest a few times ("Where do you ride around here? I noticed you guys leaving pretty early the other day? I'd like to start doing something.") My dad was kind enough to set her up on his Ellsworth dualie, which we outfitted with flat pedals & the comfiest saddle in the arsenal. We rode the "race loop" on the lake side...In the parking lot, Deb explained that she never really rode a bike (other than learning how to ride as a kid) so it may prove to be an exercise in patience on my part. "Nonsense," I assured her. "Oh, I think your helmet is on backwards," I added.
We set off, pedaling around the empty lot, as I explained shifting & basic bike safety.
Into the woods we ducked, taking our time, taking it easy.
I offered plenty of encouragement & motivation...she handled the bike beautifully and even rode over a few small logs and rocky areas.
Although it took nearly 90 minutes (seriously) to complete a 4 mile loop, it was so much fun to share the joy that is riding in the woods on a sunny day.
At the conclusion of our ride, Debi remarked how sore her quads were and asked how long it took for me to get fit enough to "shimmy up those hills..." She thanked me for being so encouraging.
So, this the farm (once again bonding over kid stuff, tales of toddlerhood) she said she'd like to get out on the bike again.
Taking over the neighbor at a time :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Have a Seat

Our new furniture is awesome!!
Our new furniture looks great and everything is so comfy!! Oh, that's was all a dream.
When the pros arrive, we'll have to explain our plight ("Had to sell all the furniture on Ebay to finance Kim's race habit...").
Somehow we paid for new living room furniture & we were assured it would be here today, but here we are, on the brink of a holiday weekend sitting on a blanket and old couch cushions (arranged in the shape of a resourceful). Looks like a suburban crackhouse...charming.
"Uhhh...uhhh, Mrs.Dubeck, ummmm...there's a problem."
"Yes? What's the problem?"
"Ummm...your furniture? Um, it's not going to be there today. Or tomorrow.Actually, I don't know when it will be there."
"Really, because according to the bank, the check went through..."
"Um, yeah...The problem is on our end. It's internal?!" (that sounds bad...ewww)
"I'm sure you can fix the problem...You have our money and our merchandise, I don't understand."
"Well, umm...I made some calls and ummm I'll have to call you back."
"Please take down my husband's number & contact him...we have out of town guests arriving this weekend. No furniture. The clock is ticking, thank you." Click.
Ugh!! That was the beginning of waaay too many phone calls and wasted time.
Nothing has been resolved.
After a few Sly FoxDunkel Lagers, we laughed about it.
On the floor.
My ass hurts.
I guess Jeff can watch the fight (Liddell vs Jackson) at Macy's tomorrow night...they won't mind, right? He can sit back, put his feet up, enjoy a few beers...
Or I suppose I could show up tomorrow morning and park my son on a nice comfy chair with his Cheerios and problem.
Tonight, we almost called the cops...
on the herd of deer in our back yard. Oops.

Wind It Up

A couple months ago, my cousin told her 13 year old daughter, Chelsea, she would take her to see Gwen Stefani in concert "If Kimmy goes with us..."
Well, I called her bluff & tonight was the big night.
Headed to the Tweeter center with my cousins and sister-in-law for a little girl's night out...
These are the same chicks who made fun of me for receiving "The Sweet Escape" for Christmas.
There we were...a bunch of star-crazed kids as Gwen Stefani paused within arm's reach, then jumped over our row of seats to reach the outdoor area, where the band rocked out to "Cool." It's been too long since I last heard live music. The horns were excellent, the sound was awesome, the band was tight.
Loved the energy, great show...Chelsea was in awe ("I could almost touch her!! I can't believe she was right here!!")...
Way past my bedtime.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Pros Are Coming! The Pros Are Coming!

Go Catherine!! (can't wait to cheer the team on in Philly this year)
The countdown is on...
Aaron's Pro Women's Cycling team arrives at our home this Sunday! Last year, we had the pleasure of hosting the team during the Triple Crown races (the team split between our home and my folks two doors down)...It was exciting to be in the midst of all the "pro action"...We bonded over turkey burgers & Napoleon Dynamite, we took their director/mechanic mountain biking on our local trails (he graciously smoked us on a borrowed bike and too-big borrowed shoes), and we were treated to the inside scoop on a pro cyclist's life. Having the women here was inspiring and encouraging...Clearly, my aspirations for racing are much less (okay, in an entirely different universe), but we all feel the same pre-race jitters & we all relish in our personal glories. So, here I am, knee-deep in house guest prep...organizing & cleaning, rather than merely moving piles of clutter/laundry/toddler stuff from here to there. Looking forward to stocking the kitchen with their favorite goodies & necessities (soy milk, white bread and mayonnaise, tons and tons of fresh fruit, dried apricots, Smartfood, chocolate chip cookies, and oatmeal) and turning their rooms into relaxing little havens. So much and yet so little has changed since they were here last year...I thought for sure I would be pregnant w/ Wild Thing's sibling, but a funny thing happened... I fell in love with cross and got bitten by the mountain biking bug. (above photos courtesy of Aaron's racing blog)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Escape From Granogue

The ubiquitous tower Cool Pete, looking better than he's feelin...we'll miss him when he moves to Cali.
Like I said, "Use the Force..."
Queen Beans (Deborah & Wendy)
So happy to see Michelle...yet another calming, friendly presence. 4th and 2nd Respectively.
Seriously, why hasn't the notion of Super Sport caught on???
Deborah (3rd) with little Ollie...and yes, Anne Rock!! Rock, Rock on!!
BP...taking a hard-won 3rd (Go, Dad!!)
The race:
After a surprisingly restful night's sleep, approached the estate with my stomach twisted in knots & tense nerves. Breathe.
Granogue always magnifies my anxieties by at least a million...I can't explain it.
Waiting in the "holding pen," tried to tune out the chatter around me ("I got 22 stitches in my chin here last year..." "Watch those slick roots..." "Remember that nasty crash at the start?")...tried really hard not to size up my competition ("There's 11 Seconds, there's badass Nikki, there's Trek Michelle...she's awesome, Wow that Sturdy Girl is fit...Damn, she was fast last year...That girl kicked my butt in cross..."). Ugh.
60 Seconds to go...Rain drops, of course. Of course it is raining at Granogue. Suddenly I actually feel has to rain. Smile.
Siren: GO!
Mid-pack up the road, gain a little ground on the climb to the tower...Clusterfuck in the woods (first little piece of singletrack, rocky, rooty, a little off-camber), girls are jumping/falling off...try to stay upright, someone takes me down from behind...lots of cursing and unkind words.
"It's okay...relax, we have a long way to go. Relax," I say.
Hop back on & go go go...
First lap was a blur of slick roots, tricky rocks & near-misses. Negotiated what I will refer to as "Bob's Deep-Woods American Gothic" loop pretty well on lap one (except for those initial corduroys, as the girl in front of me bungled mid-way, and I'm thinking, "Commit, Commit!!")...after that, I tried to hang on to Lindsay & Nikki. The fact that they were even within sight kept me holding steady. Advanced a spot on the grassy climb, then the nerves took over for a bit on the singletrack. Intentionally took my time, thinking, "You've still got a lap...steady and smooth."
Amazingly, caught Nikki on the last rocky climb...we dodged back-and-forth a bit until chainsuck rendered her SOL (and eventually DNF). Still, I caught up to her and that was all the motivation I needed. "This is not fun," she said. So began a little game in my head as I struggled up the remainder of the climb, "More fun than childbirth..." push, push, "More fun than grocery shopping," dig, dig, "More fun than the dentist..."
Lap Two proved faster and trickier...Spot/Not-Quite-Bean's Bob & Jen cheered me through the dreaded inner loop (karma got me on the damn corduroys)...that section was all survival, zero finesse second time around.
Caught another girl on the grassy climb and surprisingly charged up to the wheel of "11 Seconds" Jody..."Wow, I am in it now" is all I could think. Stay cool, stay cool...the Jedi voice of a wise Caveman echoed in my head, "Press her..."
And press I did.
Overtook the line after she dismounted for a tricky downhill with a polite, "Excuse me.."
Then it was ON...I never felt this surge of competition in my gut was weird.
Pushed and pushed...made it to the last long, rocky climb with a little gap. I knew I had to make it to the gravel first, but I could not bear to look back.
Hit the gravel and charged to the road...
There was my dad midway up the last gravel climb, cheering on my finish, "Come on, Kim...stay strong." "Dad, she's right back there..." gasping, gasping.
"Sit more upright, breathe...looking good. You'll feel better when you hit the pavement."
Then he said something odd, "Smile when you breathe..."
Oh, okay...
Hit the pavement and gunned it all the way to the finish (although what felt like a strong blast of power, probably appeared more like slow-motion misery, suffering, claw-my-way-up-the-hill with a last puff of pitiful strength).
Smiling, relatively unscathed (luckily, more bumps and bruises from clumsily pushing/wielding my bike than the ride itself).
Thanks to Fatmarc and the awesome crew that make Granogue such a first-class experience. As daunting as it may feel to race an unfamiliar course (somehow I block it out year after year...hmmm!), one thing is certain...I can always count on the fact that Granogue will remain a challenging yet, personally rewarding race.
If French Creek and Granogue are any indication, it's going to be an exciting & unpredictable season for the Ladies...
this is racing!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Note to Self

Sleep well.
Ride my ride...
Use the Force (hee hee...couldn't resist...there's a lot of Jedi pretending around here lately).

Friday, May 18, 2007

Easily Pleased

"You are the best cooker I ever seen, Mom!!"
Was it the wheat bagel I so lovingly toasted?
Or the handful of Trader Joe's dried berry medley on the side?
Perhaps the "special" ice cube (exciting!) in his sippy cup?
I think it was the casual nature of cloudy Friday afternoon Movie/Lunch.
"We can eat our lunch and watch Star Wars?!"
"We sure can..."

Thursday, May 17, 2007

11 Seconds

11 seconds... 11 seconds are consuming has to stop. "11 seconds?! You could have had her..." Ugh.
I don't want to obsess over 11 seconds.
I don't want sour grapes...
I don't want to have a poor attitude...
This is not why I race.
Still, 11 seconds punished me on my ride this evening...
11 seconds made me grind out that endless, hidden climb.
11 seconds made me aggressive & hungry.
11 seconds did not, however, stop me from eating a soft pretzel when I returned home.
This afternoon, I definitely had those 11 seconds on my mind during my Father/Daughter Hill Ride...somehow my dad showed me an entirely new loop at Brandywine. Trails were dry, but the roots were a little greasy...I relented on the piney, rooty short/steep climb (my dad tried to console me, "you're just not warmed up yet...that's a tough hill." Yeah, real tough...I watched him blitz right up it...Zip zip zip in his middle ring.
We ate up every hill we could find (fueled by disappointment, I did not let up...Go Kimmy Go Kimmy Go!!)...took me a while to warm up, but I am feeling good about Sunday.
Feeling good until the demons creep into my head (the 11 Second Demon, the Wet Roots Demon, the Hope-I-Have-a-Good-Start Demon).
11's not like she can just rest on her laurels.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One Cherry-dipped Cone, Please

I just want a treat. Where is Mister Softee when you need him?? Oh, yeah...he's in Rob's neighborhood.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

On the Rocks at French Creek're always a winner Go Beans!
The Infamous
BP...keepin it real
Just Kickin It
Much Respect...DJ Rob (my little...I mean younger, brother)
Zero!! From Negril to New Jersey...I am overdue for a taste of Rusty's X-Cellent Mountain Bike Adventures!
On the Rocks... damn, that was a fun race!
Conditions were prime, in spite of some pretty heavy rains through the night. Prime.
Turnout was awesome, in spite of Mother's Day & weather-related delays.
As for me, I raced one of my most self-satisfying races as of yet...the competition was exciting & unpredictable (new faces, new game). From beginning to end, I did not let up...pushed myself beyond my comfort zone, yet remained focused (with an energetic two-year old to chase around, I will not take certain, that was not me bombing down blue & white). Fought tooth & nail to take third, but it was not to be (not today)...doesn't matter. Finished way faster than I anticipated, stayed upright, cleaned the last lonnnng climb flawlessly (struggled a bit when I rode it with Wendy last week), chomp chomp chomped the rocks, gave it my absolute all to the very end, and crossed the line with a smile (what, it looked like a grimace to you?).
Somehow, the team pulled it together with only minor glitches, few complaints, & goofy missteps (oops, Beginner awards). Looked like a satisfied bunch of racers to me.
Thanks to the Beans crew (including family & friends) for an excellent race.
Thanks to DJ Rob for the mom was right when she said we'd be great friends some day.
Thanks to the Queen Beans for all the positive energy & felt great to be surrounded by so many strong women wearing the Blue & Orange!
Thanks to Jeff for imparting his excellent taste in jewelry to our son...Mother's Day bling is a nice bonus indeed.
Any doubts I harbored about racing this season have vanished...Claimed the energy & good vibes I need to see me through (Granogue...I got my eye on you).

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Too Pretty To Eat

Too pretty to eat...just one! (Ok, I really don't think I could handle more than one)... That's a cinnamon Belgian waffle with almond butter and just for fun, a drizzle of Hershey's Syrup (a generous drizzle, yes). That was lunch yesterday...perhaps that's why my sleep was interupted last night. Nah. I think I've got the whole sleep thing straightened out for tonight. I am race-ready...the rain is tapering off (yes it is). My brother, the awesome DJ Uncle Rob, will be here soon.... I am enjoying a cup of decaf mint tea and then I will stretch and breathe... Tomorrow... We Race!!


Sleepless Playlist: 9 Crimes- Damien Rice It's Different for Girls- Joe Jackson It's the Nighttime- Josh Rouse Midnight Rider- Allman Brothers My Moon My Man- Feist One Hundred Years- the Cure Tell it Like it Is- Aaron Neville (old school...nevermind the lilting vocals, damn that's a sweet horn line) Way Back Home (live)- the Crusaders What's On Your Mind- George Benson (1st concert ever...1st grade, Valley Forge Music Fair, me & BP) Your Silent Face-New Order Dark Star- CSN Izabella- Jimi Hendrix (damn! Now I have to get out of bed...) So it started at 2am...woke up a little restless. Tried to relax & rest, but the loop started (need to sleep well's important for Sunday...need to get stinky gear out of car...need to marinate chicken...hate gross raw chicken...hope kid naps tomorrow...good night sleep is more important tonight than tomorrow night...should have earplugs...relax...relax...forgot Gatorade Endurance...can stop at Wawa...what time can I ride tomorrow? how long should I spin? 45 minutes? an hour? Is my brother staying here tomorrow night? did my dad say he'd watch Tough Guy? what time is mom heading out of town? forgot to wish her luck...need to make posters...shit, almost 3am) That's when I reached for the Ipod and tried to tune out my thoughts...scrolled through and stopped at anything relaxing (great because it stopped the incessant loop in my head, but replaced it with, "love this song! Forgot about this song...") Finally, got out of bed at 4am and made the damn "Caution Bike Race Posters in Progress" posters...and they suck. Now I'm nauseous from marker fumes. The sun is coming up. Going to bed.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

He Gets That From Me

"Frickin shit! I hate that!" All I wanted was for him to put two books back where they's not like I asked him to powerwash the house or weed the front yard or tackle the laundry (all insurmountable tasks around here). No..."Please put your books away." Harsh words. Frickin little shit!


just do thisText Color

Nighty Night

Can't sleep.
Woke up at midnight, an hour and a half after going to sleep...tossed and turned for an hour, finally turned light on & read the second half of Rolling Stone (the anniversary issue...I read the following interviews: Jack Nicholson, Scorsese, Keith Richards, Patti Smith, & Speilberg). Still wide awake.
Checked on kid...fine.
Ate a chocolate chip cookie & drank a bottle of water.
Garbage on TV.
Could begin my new book (Love is a Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield)...don't want to start my new book.
Pun'k is on...this show annoys me. Ashton Kutcher reminds me of Eli (childhood friend).
Oprah is on (really? at 1:24am...again?) thanks.
Two years ago I suffered from unrelenting insomnia...started around October, finally sought "help" by February (doc prescribed Ambien CR...that was bad). Ambien did me wrong (nightmares, panic attacks, totally sleepless nights, nightmares, nightmares, nightmares), so I began seeing a therapist who specialized in sleep disorders...she gave me a weird vibe. Stuck with her for a couple months, but I was still sleepless (would wake shortly after midnight, remain awake for 3-4 hours, go back to sleep until Jeff left for work, then wake up again for a little while & start me day groggy & miserable). Resumed yoga (which didn't help me sleep any better, but helped me feel less stressed out about losing sleep). Insomnia left me when Springtime arrived...ahhhhh.
This year, just a little taste of it. I can handle this once in a while.
I can't handle it every night for months at a time.
This afternoon, gave newest teammate Cati a little tour of Dtown...My intention was to take it easy & put out harder efforts on the hills.
The trails were so dry & perfect...easy gave way to lively and for the first time, I actually got into a groove at Dtown (imagine that). Amazing.
Not going to fret about being awake...naptime is not taken lightly around here, so I will be fine tomorrow...
Henry Rollins Show (featuring Ozzy Osbourne...hmmm, I'm too tired to concentrate on what the poor bastard is saying & musical guest Ben Folds is not my cup of late-night tea)...
Ohhhh! Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (Uzbekistan) that's intriguing!
Thanks, Tivo!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Wawayanda State Park Spring Cleaning

This morning, BP & I ventured to North Jersey for a little adventure...the 4th Annual Wawayanda Spring Cleaning (part of the Campmor race series), new territory for both of us.
Flip-flops were a poor choice for pre-race footwear, as the wind was howling off Lake Wawayanda upon our arrival. Quickly suited up (with snuggly warm Woolie Boolies on my feet) and explored the park...
13 miles later, BP was on the podium claiming his gold (and all the raspberry hammer gel one can carry)...
I was stoked about my hard-won second place victory...the course was an absolute joy to race. First lap found me fighting the usual demons (off the brakes! Aggressive! Breathe...breathe easy...Relax the shoulders...Hold steady!), but I rode confidently & maybe, for once, with some semblance of finesse (me, smooth?!)...felt strong, but cautious on unfamiliar territory. The second lap allowed me to turn it up & turn it loose! The trails were littered with awesome little rock gardens and rooty switchbacks...some of the scenery & rocks reminded me of Fell Mountain. Satisfied with final result, considering I seriously wanted to bail before the race even began...
Panic came over me while we were lining up at the start (not just nerves, real panic) and for a moment, I totally froze up. "Good luck, have fun," I said to no one in particular...the girls on either side of me remained silent. Okaaaay...not here to make friends today. By "3,2,1 GO!" my nervous tune changed & I gunned it, splitting a pack of Juniors & weaving up the first rocky climb...held my position, save for one badass 35+ chick who advanced past me on a nasty descent (a mother of 5, who I should mention was only slightly friendlier once the race was over). After awards, enjoyed my chocolate milk & a leisurely spin around the park (cause a wise man once advised me I would sleep better if I don't skip this vital step)!
Long drive home, plenty of sunshine left of the day, & two clean bikes!
Thanks, dad, for convincing me to join you on this adventure!
Thanks, Jeff, for taking such good care of our little guy so I can feed my habit!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

2 Beans, 2 Bikes

I love pre-race runaround...
I enjoy organizing all my stuff on the kitchen table...the gear bag, the fuel, the post-race goodies, the cooler, the necessities, the post-it note (watch, wallet, camera, ipod, phone), the tunes...
When tonight's runaround is over (or the "race before the race"), I will enjoy the Mayweather -De La Hoya fight...
with my oversized cup of steaming hot mint tea and an Archway chocolate chip icebox cookie.
I've been losing sleep over this fight (not really)...I love boxing!
Tomorrow I head to Wawayanda State Park for Campmor's Spring Cleaning race...just me and my dad...can't wait to rock the new kit (they finally nailed the women's jersey...both flattering and comfortable).

Friday, May 4, 2007

One Beast at a Time

Rode the French Creek course with teammate Wendy this morning. On paper, I was skeptical about the course (why the road climb? why start/finish at the cabins?)...However, I must admit Scott did an awesome job laying out a challenging loop. The trails we rode & the direction we travelled were pretty much opposite what I'm used to, but the rocks are still rocky...the roots still rooty and it promises to be a cool race. On the way home, a sign for "Hot Dutch Pretzels" beckoned in Eagle...the pretzels pale in comparison to West Chester Soft Pretzel Factory pretzels, but I needed a quick fix for the dehydration headache that was creeping up on me. One mediocre pretzel (not enough salt, weird taste on the unsalted side) & a cold bottle of Grape Gatorade later, I was feeling fine & itching to get home. I was kind of surprised how depleted I felt at the end of our ride...12 miles of our spirited, though certainly not blistering, pace left me kind of beat!
My dad visited Gary, who seems to be in good spirits despite the goofy helmet he must wear to protect the depression in his skull (not to mention countless other injuries)...Gary said he definitely wants to ride again & demanded his team kit next time BP visits. Still not sure what exactly happened, but he claims his dog saved his life.
Lying in bed this morning, I missed my own best buddy, Hazel...Jeff had already left for work, the sun was far from rising & I heard all those weird creaks & pangs. Would be nice to have a furry friend at my feet.
Not yet.
Wild Thing is showing interest in "peeing like a big boy on the potty", so one beast at a time.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Best Day Ever (this week, this far)

All the cool kids are gearing up for the Super Series...
Check out the attention to detail...he gets that from Grampy!
My husband had the rare afternoon off yesterday, so with BP in charge of Tough Guy, off we scrambled to Downingtown for some fun on the trails. I can't remember the last time Jeff & I rode together or even spent time alone together in daylight hours...missing a day of work (shame on me) was so worth spending a couple hours with Jeff in the woods. We encountered a lazy wild turkey (they seem to be everywhere lately) who looked at us like, "What are you doing back here??" Jeff put together a nice loop on the covered bridge side & we hit some winding singletrack I forgot was great to be out enjoying the perfect day together.
After dinner (veggie burgers & black/brown rice w/daikon radish seeds...yum), we hustled to Rita's...When we lived in the borough, I struggled with a daily (though seasonal) need for Rita's water ice. My addiction started with the gateway water ice...a seemingly harmless (and cheap) kid-size cup. Coconut Cream was my weapon of choice, but I could be satisfied with Mango, Vanilla, and the occasional Root Beer. My addiction became stronger when my husband turned me on to the Misto (a delightful shake-like concoction of mostly water ice blended with just a little bit of soft serve for creaminess). The possibilities were astounding & tasty (Blueberry Misto! Chocolate Cherry Misto! Rootbeer Float Misto!) We started out sharing a Regular, then it got bad & I had to have my own Large ("you can have a little sip, Jeff") ...when Rita's closed their doors (windows actually) for the season, I was strung out & ready to quit.
Now we are no longer within walking distance to my beacon of warm-weather refreshment, but I am finding myself at Rita's more often than I care to admit...I even partake during working hours, as there is an outpost conveniently located several blocks from the office. There is a new flavor this season...Pistachio. Words cannot describe...yum.
Sometimes I am afraid to get my fix, because they may not be offering my new favorite flavor.
I am stuck on Pistachio.