Thursday, May 17, 2007

11 Seconds

11 seconds... 11 seconds are consuming has to stop. "11 seconds?! You could have had her..." Ugh.
I don't want to obsess over 11 seconds.
I don't want sour grapes...
I don't want to have a poor attitude...
This is not why I race.
Still, 11 seconds punished me on my ride this evening...
11 seconds made me grind out that endless, hidden climb.
11 seconds made me aggressive & hungry.
11 seconds did not, however, stop me from eating a soft pretzel when I returned home.
This afternoon, I definitely had those 11 seconds on my mind during my Father/Daughter Hill Ride...somehow my dad showed me an entirely new loop at Brandywine. Trails were dry, but the roots were a little greasy...I relented on the piney, rooty short/steep climb (my dad tried to console me, "you're just not warmed up yet...that's a tough hill." Yeah, real tough...I watched him blitz right up it...Zip zip zip in his middle ring.
We ate up every hill we could find (fueled by disappointment, I did not let up...Go Kimmy Go Kimmy Go!!)...took me a while to warm up, but I am feeling good about Sunday.
Feeling good until the demons creep into my head (the 11 Second Demon, the Wet Roots Demon, the Hope-I-Have-a-Good-Start Demon).
11's not like she can just rest on her laurels.

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Frank Brigandi said...

THanks for the kind words KD.
11 seconds. best way to decrease any time deficite is to simply ride your own race. Ride your bike race. Let her go on a tough climb, she will be hurting worse at the top.... believe me when I say, she knows you were only 11 seconds back and is probablly having eyes surgically implanted in the back of her head.
Another way to advance a pposition, is to "press" her. ride her wheel make her make a mistake by pushing her mentally, she will get a case of the willies and ask you to pass her or yield to your pressing.
The queen bee has to be just that, the queen. If you feel it's yours, take it, it won't come to you.
Good luck at Granogue.