Monday, May 28, 2007

Achhooooo...Sniffle, Sniffle

Gearing up for the rainy days ahead... "Hey guys, when you get that sorted out, I'd like a cup of tea and some scrambled eggs!"
Glad I didn't cancel...I flake on these kind of plans too often
Now I know why my ride sucked yesterday...woke up with swollen glands, sore throat, runny nose...Ugh. A little hayfever/seasonal allergies with a good old-fashioned cold sprinkled on top. Yum!
Had plans to meet Kate, my friend from elementary school (my first "best friend" at Mary C. Howse), at Teca for lunch...Sadly, Teca was closed so we walked up to Iron Hill. Blehhhh.
Had my heart set on a nice bowl of soup at Teca, no appetite for anything else.
We made these plans over a month ago and I really wanted to bail out after waking up so miserable...
Pulled myself together and had a nice time. Kate is considering going to med school, uprooting her life and moving 6 hours away...Courageous to say the least. I can't imagine going back to school at this point in my life, although I do love the whole notion of being a student again.
This afternoon found the whole family napping for nearly 3 hours (we are all under the weather together...misery loves company). Headed to Target for some cold remedies & a kitchen set for the Little Chef. Dinner was an extremely soothing bowl of steaming hot Miso soup courtesy of Aoki.
Sniffle, sniffle...Now, a relaxing, hot bath and a nice tablespoon of Nyquil.
Need to be healthy for our houseguests...can't share this cold with the Pros!


Suki said...

all I see when I look at that kitchen...

is about three dozen ways to make noise.

you've inspired me...I'm getting my own pots and pans parade started this afternoon...

about three minutes before the husband wakes up.

Frank Brigandi said...

future drummer?
KD, get some sleep. With race season in full plumage training is important yes, but sleeping and recovery are even more so, or your body starts breaking down.. ie little colds that turn south on ya, irritablilty, lack of motivation to ride, and over stressing. Sleep, sleep sleep as much as you are able to.
Also, if I may interject, watch for power drops. they are signs of overtraining. Power drops can be battled with weight training sessions instead of riding especially when the weather is unbearable, (too hot or too cold) the weights will give you more deep power and a bigger reserve and also more strength. In season, I used to do more heavy weight training to keep my muscle mass up for whatever I was doing or had coming up. My race weight at my best was 149. I once widdledmyself down to a heroin chic 133 and felt as light as a feather but had zero power and endurance, it was awful it took me a year to gain 10 lbs... now I gain ten pounds looking at a tastycake....
Stay cool and sharp. Good luck at Danville.