Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Best Day Ever (this week, this far)

All the cool kids are gearing up for the Super Series...
Check out the attention to detail...he gets that from Grampy!
My husband had the rare afternoon off yesterday, so with BP in charge of Tough Guy, off we scrambled to Downingtown for some fun on the trails. I can't remember the last time Jeff & I rode together or even spent time alone together in daylight hours...missing a day of work (shame on me) was so worth spending a couple hours with Jeff in the woods. We encountered a lazy wild turkey (they seem to be everywhere lately) who looked at us like, "What are you doing back here??" Jeff put together a nice loop on the covered bridge side & we hit some winding singletrack I forgot was great to be out enjoying the perfect day together.
After dinner (veggie burgers & black/brown rice w/daikon radish seeds...yum), we hustled to Rita's...When we lived in the borough, I struggled with a daily (though seasonal) need for Rita's water ice. My addiction started with the gateway water ice...a seemingly harmless (and cheap) kid-size cup. Coconut Cream was my weapon of choice, but I could be satisfied with Mango, Vanilla, and the occasional Root Beer. My addiction became stronger when my husband turned me on to the Misto (a delightful shake-like concoction of mostly water ice blended with just a little bit of soft serve for creaminess). The possibilities were astounding & tasty (Blueberry Misto! Chocolate Cherry Misto! Rootbeer Float Misto!) We started out sharing a Regular, then it got bad & I had to have my own Large ("you can have a little sip, Jeff") ...when Rita's closed their doors (windows actually) for the season, I was strung out & ready to quit.
Now we are no longer within walking distance to my beacon of warm-weather refreshment, but I am finding myself at Rita's more often than I care to admit...I even partake during working hours, as there is an outpost conveniently located several blocks from the office. There is a new flavor this season...Pistachio. Words cannot describe...yum.
Sometimes I am afraid to get my fix, because they may not be offering my new favorite flavor.
I am stuck on Pistachio.

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