Friday, May 25, 2007

Have a Seat

Our new furniture is awesome!!
Our new furniture looks great and everything is so comfy!! Oh, that's was all a dream.
When the pros arrive, we'll have to explain our plight ("Had to sell all the furniture on Ebay to finance Kim's race habit...").
Somehow we paid for new living room furniture & we were assured it would be here today, but here we are, on the brink of a holiday weekend sitting on a blanket and old couch cushions (arranged in the shape of a resourceful). Looks like a suburban crackhouse...charming.
"Uhhh...uhhh, Mrs.Dubeck, ummmm...there's a problem."
"Yes? What's the problem?"
"Ummm...your furniture? Um, it's not going to be there today. Or tomorrow.Actually, I don't know when it will be there."
"Really, because according to the bank, the check went through..."
"Um, yeah...The problem is on our end. It's internal?!" (that sounds bad...ewww)
"I'm sure you can fix the problem...You have our money and our merchandise, I don't understand."
"Well, umm...I made some calls and ummm I'll have to call you back."
"Please take down my husband's number & contact him...we have out of town guests arriving this weekend. No furniture. The clock is ticking, thank you." Click.
Ugh!! That was the beginning of waaay too many phone calls and wasted time.
Nothing has been resolved.
After a few Sly FoxDunkel Lagers, we laughed about it.
On the floor.
My ass hurts.
I guess Jeff can watch the fight (Liddell vs Jackson) at Macy's tomorrow night...they won't mind, right? He can sit back, put his feet up, enjoy a few beers...
Or I suppose I could show up tomorrow morning and park my son on a nice comfy chair with his Cheerios and problem.
Tonight, we almost called the cops...
on the herd of deer in our back yard. Oops.

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