Thursday, May 10, 2007

He Gets That From Me

"Frickin shit! I hate that!" All I wanted was for him to put two books back where they's not like I asked him to powerwash the house or weed the front yard or tackle the laundry (all insurmountable tasks around here). No..."Please put your books away." Harsh words. Frickin little shit!

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Suki said...

when my kid was just a tad over a year old she was sitting on the living room carpet trying to put a shoe on a barbie.

difficult task for a wee youngin. she got herself a little riled up and frustrated and hit us with a perfectly inflected 'FUCKING SHIT!'

it took all we had not to bust a gut her. but definitely did so at her father when he immediately said...

"don't look at me! that's your mom talking, right there"

fortunately...the lil' monkey has never uttered such colorful language again...

at least in my presence.