Sunday, May 13, 2007

On the Rocks at French Creek're always a winner Go Beans!
The Infamous
BP...keepin it real
Just Kickin It
Much Respect...DJ Rob (my little...I mean younger, brother)
Zero!! From Negril to New Jersey...I am overdue for a taste of Rusty's X-Cellent Mountain Bike Adventures!
On the Rocks... damn, that was a fun race!
Conditions were prime, in spite of some pretty heavy rains through the night. Prime.
Turnout was awesome, in spite of Mother's Day & weather-related delays.
As for me, I raced one of my most self-satisfying races as of yet...the competition was exciting & unpredictable (new faces, new game). From beginning to end, I did not let up...pushed myself beyond my comfort zone, yet remained focused (with an energetic two-year old to chase around, I will not take certain, that was not me bombing down blue & white). Fought tooth & nail to take third, but it was not to be (not today)...doesn't matter. Finished way faster than I anticipated, stayed upright, cleaned the last lonnnng climb flawlessly (struggled a bit when I rode it with Wendy last week), chomp chomp chomped the rocks, gave it my absolute all to the very end, and crossed the line with a smile (what, it looked like a grimace to you?).
Somehow, the team pulled it together with only minor glitches, few complaints, & goofy missteps (oops, Beginner awards). Looked like a satisfied bunch of racers to me.
Thanks to the Beans crew (including family & friends) for an excellent race.
Thanks to DJ Rob for the mom was right when she said we'd be great friends some day.
Thanks to the Queen Beans for all the positive energy & felt great to be surrounded by so many strong women wearing the Blue & Orange!
Thanks to Jeff for imparting his excellent taste in jewelry to our son...Mother's Day bling is a nice bonus indeed.
Any doubts I harbored about racing this season have vanished...Claimed the energy & good vibes I need to see me through (Granogue...I got my eye on you).

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chunky monkey said...

Congrats, heard you were ripping out there.