Friday, May 4, 2007

One Beast at a Time

Rode the French Creek course with teammate Wendy this morning. On paper, I was skeptical about the course (why the road climb? why start/finish at the cabins?)...However, I must admit Scott did an awesome job laying out a challenging loop. The trails we rode & the direction we travelled were pretty much opposite what I'm used to, but the rocks are still rocky...the roots still rooty and it promises to be a cool race. On the way home, a sign for "Hot Dutch Pretzels" beckoned in Eagle...the pretzels pale in comparison to West Chester Soft Pretzel Factory pretzels, but I needed a quick fix for the dehydration headache that was creeping up on me. One mediocre pretzel (not enough salt, weird taste on the unsalted side) & a cold bottle of Grape Gatorade later, I was feeling fine & itching to get home. I was kind of surprised how depleted I felt at the end of our ride...12 miles of our spirited, though certainly not blistering, pace left me kind of beat!
My dad visited Gary, who seems to be in good spirits despite the goofy helmet he must wear to protect the depression in his skull (not to mention countless other injuries)...Gary said he definitely wants to ride again & demanded his team kit next time BP visits. Still not sure what exactly happened, but he claims his dog saved his life.
Lying in bed this morning, I missed my own best buddy, Hazel...Jeff had already left for work, the sun was far from rising & I heard all those weird creaks & pangs. Would be nice to have a furry friend at my feet.
Not yet.
Wild Thing is showing interest in "peeing like a big boy on the potty", so one beast at a time.

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