Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Pros Are Coming! The Pros Are Coming!

Go Catherine!! (can't wait to cheer the team on in Philly this year)
The countdown is on...
Aaron's Pro Women's Cycling team arrives at our home this Sunday! Last year, we had the pleasure of hosting the team during the Triple Crown races (the team split between our home and my folks two doors down)...It was exciting to be in the midst of all the "pro action"...We bonded over turkey burgers & Napoleon Dynamite, we took their director/mechanic mountain biking on our local trails (he graciously smoked us on a borrowed bike and too-big borrowed shoes), and we were treated to the inside scoop on a pro cyclist's life. Having the women here was inspiring and encouraging...Clearly, my aspirations for racing are much less (okay, in an entirely different universe), but we all feel the same pre-race jitters & we all relish in our personal glories. So, here I am, knee-deep in house guest prep...organizing & cleaning, rather than merely moving piles of clutter/laundry/toddler stuff from here to there. Looking forward to stocking the kitchen with their favorite goodies & necessities (soy milk, white bread and mayonnaise, tons and tons of fresh fruit, dried apricots, Smartfood, chocolate chip cookies, and oatmeal) and turning their rooms into relaxing little havens. So much and yet so little has changed since they were here last year...I thought for sure I would be pregnant w/ Wild Thing's sibling, but a funny thing happened... I fell in love with cross and got bitten by the mountain biking bug. (above photos courtesy of Aaron's racing blog)

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Frank Brigandi said...

use the force and absorb their powers... good job at Granogue