Saturday, May 26, 2007

Spreading the Love

Best Buddies Chicks
Debi & I took the kids to the farm this was a perfect day. Debi is my neighbor...we met shortly after I moved here and we commiserated about teething, nursing, sleepless nights & cranky husbands.
A couple weeks ago, I took her to Marsh Creek for her first mountain bike experience, as she had expressed interest a few times ("Where do you ride around here? I noticed you guys leaving pretty early the other day? I'd like to start doing something.") My dad was kind enough to set her up on his Ellsworth dualie, which we outfitted with flat pedals & the comfiest saddle in the arsenal. We rode the "race loop" on the lake side...In the parking lot, Deb explained that she never really rode a bike (other than learning how to ride as a kid) so it may prove to be an exercise in patience on my part. "Nonsense," I assured her. "Oh, I think your helmet is on backwards," I added.
We set off, pedaling around the empty lot, as I explained shifting & basic bike safety.
Into the woods we ducked, taking our time, taking it easy.
I offered plenty of encouragement & motivation...she handled the bike beautifully and even rode over a few small logs and rocky areas.
Although it took nearly 90 minutes (seriously) to complete a 4 mile loop, it was so much fun to share the joy that is riding in the woods on a sunny day.
At the conclusion of our ride, Debi remarked how sore her quads were and asked how long it took for me to get fit enough to "shimmy up those hills..." She thanked me for being so encouraging.
So, this the farm (once again bonding over kid stuff, tales of toddlerhood) she said she'd like to get out on the bike again.
Taking over the neighbor at a time :)


Mark said...


Awesome goats, by the way!

Suki said...

next time...

I come with you.

we'll make that 90 an even 134.