Sunday, May 27, 2007


Taking the fun outdoors
Maggie Moo's Chocolate Better Batter Ice Cream Cupcake
Finger Lickin' Finger Lickin' Good Y'all
yet another use for the EZ UP
"Show me how to launch the water rocket, Uncle Rob."
"Mommy, you have any boo-boos? I take care of you..."
(I guess Little Guy heard about my less-than smooth ride...he has a personal stash of "Pirate" bandaids)
The day began with a journey through Fairhill with my dad & Jeff...Jeff hasn't touched a bike since our rendez -vous at Dtown almost a month ago. It is a privilege to be able to ride together these days...I miss it.
Up the gravel road past the nature center, my legs said, ", no..." (can't feel great all the time...chill out, warm up, settle in...)
Upon hitting the trails, my right eye became a bug magnet & a fit of relentless sneezing ensued...never experienced such a severe allergy attack during a ride before. Frustrated, I plugged along well behind the boys...
Took the lead through South Park & finally began to feel better...However, once we exited the gate, my riding grew sloppier with each push, each pedal stroke.
Completely jammed up Jeff on the first steep hill we hit...the sneezing fit had resumed, my breathing was weird & I felt completely unfocused.
An hour+ into the ride, Jeff flatted & for once I was happy for the little reprieve. Broke my own rule & uttered a complaint, "I feel crappy. I'm just not riding well."
The second half of the ride was more enjoyable...happened upon some of the Beans Boys (Lander, Chris H, Ben) with Buddy, Fitzy & several of their compatriots...I'm always inspired when we cross paths with any permutation of that group. Earlier this week, I was climbing out of the stream crossing at Dtown while the Wednesday Night Freight Train blazed down...what a formidable group of guys (always friendly no matter how hard they're going).
Watched the fellas play on the newest hand-hewn timber/log feature. Jeff remarked, "I don't see a sign that says Boys Only," but I was feeling clumsy and overheated. Maybe next time!
Called it a day shortly after exchanging pleasantries with the guys and headed home...
After a Strawberry Quik & toast w/ almond butter, I grabbed a solid, much-needed nap.
Enjoyed a barbecue with family and friends at the Perna's this evening...not feeling very carnivorous these days, but the corn on the cob was holiday-weekend Perfect.
Our kid is growing up so fast...he "read" us a story tonight.


JenBob said...

I think I was on that Wed. night frieght train.

and thanks for the American Gothic description. I almost brought a pitch-fork that day.

JenBob said...
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