Saturday, May 12, 2007


Sleepless Playlist: 9 Crimes- Damien Rice It's Different for Girls- Joe Jackson It's the Nighttime- Josh Rouse Midnight Rider- Allman Brothers My Moon My Man- Feist One Hundred Years- the Cure Tell it Like it Is- Aaron Neville (old school...nevermind the lilting vocals, damn that's a sweet horn line) Way Back Home (live)- the Crusaders What's On Your Mind- George Benson (1st concert ever...1st grade, Valley Forge Music Fair, me & BP) Your Silent Face-New Order Dark Star- CSN Izabella- Jimi Hendrix (damn! Now I have to get out of bed...) So it started at 2am...woke up a little restless. Tried to relax & rest, but the loop started (need to sleep well's important for Sunday...need to get stinky gear out of car...need to marinate chicken...hate gross raw chicken...hope kid naps tomorrow...good night sleep is more important tonight than tomorrow night...should have earplugs...relax...relax...forgot Gatorade Endurance...can stop at Wawa...what time can I ride tomorrow? how long should I spin? 45 minutes? an hour? Is my brother staying here tomorrow night? did my dad say he'd watch Tough Guy? what time is mom heading out of town? forgot to wish her luck...need to make posters...shit, almost 3am) That's when I reached for the Ipod and tried to tune out my thoughts...scrolled through and stopped at anything relaxing (great because it stopped the incessant loop in my head, but replaced it with, "love this song! Forgot about this song...") Finally, got out of bed at 4am and made the damn "Caution Bike Race Posters in Progress" posters...and they suck. Now I'm nauseous from marker fumes. The sun is coming up. Going to bed.

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