Sunday, May 6, 2007

Wawayanda State Park Spring Cleaning

This morning, BP & I ventured to North Jersey for a little adventure...the 4th Annual Wawayanda Spring Cleaning (part of the Campmor race series), new territory for both of us.
Flip-flops were a poor choice for pre-race footwear, as the wind was howling off Lake Wawayanda upon our arrival. Quickly suited up (with snuggly warm Woolie Boolies on my feet) and explored the park...
13 miles later, BP was on the podium claiming his gold (and all the raspberry hammer gel one can carry)...
I was stoked about my hard-won second place victory...the course was an absolute joy to race. First lap found me fighting the usual demons (off the brakes! Aggressive! Breathe...breathe easy...Relax the shoulders...Hold steady!), but I rode confidently & maybe, for once, with some semblance of finesse (me, smooth?!)...felt strong, but cautious on unfamiliar territory. The second lap allowed me to turn it up & turn it loose! The trails were littered with awesome little rock gardens and rooty switchbacks...some of the scenery & rocks reminded me of Fell Mountain. Satisfied with final result, considering I seriously wanted to bail before the race even began...
Panic came over me while we were lining up at the start (not just nerves, real panic) and for a moment, I totally froze up. "Good luck, have fun," I said to no one in particular...the girls on either side of me remained silent. Okaaaay...not here to make friends today. By "3,2,1 GO!" my nervous tune changed & I gunned it, splitting a pack of Juniors & weaving up the first rocky climb...held my position, save for one badass 35+ chick who advanced past me on a nasty descent (a mother of 5, who I should mention was only slightly friendlier once the race was over). After awards, enjoyed my chocolate milk & a leisurely spin around the park (cause a wise man once advised me I would sleep better if I don't skip this vital step)!
Long drive home, plenty of sunshine left of the day, & two clean bikes!
Thanks, dad, for convincing me to join you on this adventure!
Thanks, Jeff, for taking such good care of our little guy so I can feed my habit!


Frank Brigandi said...

sounds like the course was laid out really well, proud of ya.

diane said...

Congratulations, that's awesome!
Don't let those girls bother you. I hate when they get like that. I've had that happen too. That's what's so nice about cross, everyone is so nice. Hopefully us crossers can help spill that over into mtb some.