Friday, May 25, 2007

Wind It Up

A couple months ago, my cousin told her 13 year old daughter, Chelsea, she would take her to see Gwen Stefani in concert "If Kimmy goes with us..."
Well, I called her bluff & tonight was the big night.
Headed to the Tweeter center with my cousins and sister-in-law for a little girl's night out...
These are the same chicks who made fun of me for receiving "The Sweet Escape" for Christmas.
There we were...a bunch of star-crazed kids as Gwen Stefani paused within arm's reach, then jumped over our row of seats to reach the outdoor area, where the band rocked out to "Cool." It's been too long since I last heard live music. The horns were excellent, the sound was awesome, the band was tight.
Loved the energy, great show...Chelsea was in awe ("I could almost touch her!! I can't believe she was right here!!")...
Way past my bedtime.

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