Wednesday, June 20, 2007


3 days later and I am still torn up. Usually I ride with Cool Cati on Wednesday nights, but my aching body says, "nooooooo....please, no..." Maybe things have dried out since last night/this morning's rains, but I just don't have the energy to battle it out with any more roots or logs. Not today. It is hard for me to decline, to cancel, to bail on a ride...but, if I have learned anything this year/this season, it is that recovery is just as important as all the hard/fun/necessary efforts. Last week, I felt sort of ambivalent about Neshaminy ("Ehh, Neshaminy...not my favorite, take it or leave it"). Now that the fog has lifted (you know, the post-race high-low...the dehydration meanies...the salt-crust yuckies...the scrapes, bruises, sore muscles), I honestly think this was my most difficult effort this season. So far. I mean, ouch. So...on tap for today: A long nap (open the windows, stretch out) Breakfast for dinner (mmmm...scrambled eggs, bacon, Strawberry Quik) Lazy neighborhood walk with the Wild Thing before bathtime/storytime (hopefully we'll encounter some creatures!...last night brought us a lonely deer, bunnies, and even a snake) Early to bed Tomorrow: Healthy breakfast & Huge cup of black tea Ride with BP (French Creek or Wissahickon...just me and my dad)


Suki said...

I'll be over for Quik around seven.

Frank Brigandi said...

Dare I say road ride?

JenBob said...

I've become quite familiar with the recovery culture. Massage and stretching is very nice, but I'd really like to get back on my bike for something other than racing.