Friday, June 22, 2007

Eat, Drink & Stay Upright

Good luck to all the brave & daring souls heading out to the inaugural 12 Hours of Cranky Monkey this weekend...Sleep well tonight, kids! Perhaps next year, with preshool looming for the Little Boss, I will be able to squeeze in a few extra miles & take part in such events...with races dropping off the face of the MASS map faster than you can say "Summer Scorcher" (Hershey...but, I liked that! Susquehanna...that's a great course! Sewell...awww, man...first race on my SS), I will be in search of other diversions next year. Wait...let's get through cross first! No, wait...let's get through this season first.


Suki said...

I say how 'bout you shoot for making it through tuesday and touch base then.

kd said...

I know...
Wait, do you know something about Tuesday that I don't???
Hmmmm, now I'm worried!