Saturday, June 30, 2007

Marysville (Saturday)

Yes, a zombie bit my left thigh... I tried to climb to higher ground, but was riding downhill. All of Fatmarc's anti-zombie tactics escaped my frazzled mind. What follows is an attempt to convey my race experience...I'll do my best in my weakened, bewildered state:
Surprisingly more nervous than ever at the start...smiled and tried to relax (confidence...confidence).
Found myself wheel-to-wheel-to-wheel with Lindsey & Kristen and Cati closer to us than ever. Handled the first lap without any flow, zero finesse...Lindsey tried to pass me on a sketchy, tight downhill ("On your left..."). Without any safe place to immediately yield, I held my line...there she goes on my left anyway, our bars inevitably lock up and down we go...CRASH!
Assess myself (ouch, ouch), assess my bike..."Are you OK?" I ask. She untangles herself, hops on bike. I say, "Check your bike. Keep a cool head..." She apologizes and I sail off, only to be caught again.
Today I finished closer to her than I have all season (2nd and 3rd respectively...1st place went to a newcomer, a stranger to the MASS).
What else made my day?
-Sanchez (honk, honk) cheering me on as I fled merrily through the grassy, flat stretch (yes, merrily...)
-Kristin passing me and holding me off for much of the first lap...although I attacked on the start/grassy hill & eventually dropped her, I am thrilled that she is bouncing back so strongly post-baby. Go, mama!!
-Cati hung onto us all the way until the creek...she is riding so well.
-Seeing Monkey line up at the start...I joked, "You know this is only two laps...we aren't racing for 12 hours. Are you okay with that?"
-Gary made an appearance, protective helmet & all, to cheer on the racers & spritz us with water between laps...He is excited about his upcoming "Humpty Dumpty" surgery. Wear your helmets, always.
-I have an awesome imprint of Lindsey's chainring on my left thigh...good thing I'm not the short-shorts type.
-The Magic 8 Ball was right! I am superstitious...pecan pancakes every Wednesday before a race now?
What sucked about Marysville today:
My dad "took one for the team" today (the other team, no less)...His buddy, Charlie (of Guys), cut his heel to the bone on one of the early bridge features. My dad and several others literally carried the poor guy out (he received 36 Zombie bite is nothing). My dad is in need of some rest & recovery himself, so his DNF to help a Guy in distress was a blessing in disguise (sorry, Charlie...certainly not at the expense of your injury).
Back for more tomorrow (hill climb...yes! short track...yes!), so off to bed...


chunky monkey said...

Great race Sat! Watch out for those Zombies, their bites are deadly.

Suki said...

sadly...I have no battle wounds from my trip...

at least no visible ones.

could you, like..maybe punch me or something?