Saturday, June 23, 2007

Necessary Evil takers for a road ride this morning (was that some kind of faux pas, posting a road ride on the team forum? Oops...just looking for some company). Admittedly, I was giddy with excitement this morning about my impending "road ride." Anyway, with two solid hours all to myself, I set out with intentions of getting as far afield as I could in sixty minutes, then I would charge back home. Meandered along the back roads, crossed 322 (pheww), settled into a strong rhythm...In my right ear, Charles Brown sang, "the Honeydripper" all along Creek Road, past the little donkey barn... Treated myself to some of my favorite back roads of Chester County...rolling along, pushing steadily until it was time to go back. "Police On My Back" (the Clash, as if you didn't know) chased me up 842, climbing & climbing (Oh, except I'm not done...I don't live 3 blocks away from "the finish" anymore...oops) Decided to breeze through town, time was on my side...found myself back on New Street and headed home. My legs & my back thank me..."Thanks, Kim, for the pavement...thanks for not finding any rocks or logs...thanks for not overheating." My lungs & heart thank me, "Thanks for keeping us don't blow it with a gooey grilled cheese." One thing that still perplexes me... I'm pushing along, countless cyclists on the other side of the road doing their thing...I nod, I even smile (I can't help's a breezy, beautiful perfect Saturday morning...traffic is light, the sun is shining...we are out riding, we are not at work, or changing diapers, or scrubbing toilets, or getting our teeth drilled...come on)...Everyone is so stern and unrelenting. I am not out to make friends...I am not trying to start a conversation from the other side of the road. Just smile, or nod in return. Is that against the rules? Are you going too hard? Whatever...I'm going hard, I'm snarling & gnashing inside, my heart rate is up there...but, I can't help smiling.

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Suki said...

re: road riding

I'm scared to dizeath of cars. wait...I'm also scared of roots, stones, streams, groundhogs, bees, logs, sorebutt...

maybe I should take up knitting, again?