Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Something About Mary(sville)

I won't even divulge what the Magic 8 Ball (at Cracker Barrel) had to say when someone asked, "Will I be on the podium at Marysville?" And that was after someone ate their fair share of pecan pancakes. Maybe someone should have asked the more important question, such as "Will I fall into the creek as I slip and slide clumsily along the crazy, twisty roots?" About Marysville... I am sad, but also relieved, that the childcare logistics did not work out in my favor for the Friday Night Time Trial...I haven't touched my light since 7 Springs. I love night riding...I love the otherworldly sights & sounds. I love the element of creepiness (actually, I am terrified of the creepy possibilities, terrified of being without my light source, terrified of being stuck with a mechanical in the dark...what better way to face such anxieties, though?). I am still a bit freaked out from my crash at Neshaminy. I don't want that to hold me back. But, I also don't want to race over my head. About my bike... My bottom bracket is tight, which puzzles me, as the bearings were just replaced. Hmmmm... My seat post has crept down a bit the past few rides (yeah, I noticed that on the climbs immediately), in spite of making sure it was snug. Hardly a crisis, but I am left with tomorrow to work it out & hopefully sneak in a tiny little ride to assure myself that everything is race-ready. In spite of my nerves, I am truly giddy with excitement. Marysville... I feel like I'm going to summer camp!

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