Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ugly Fun

Downingtown got the best of me tonight...tagged along with my dad for a "prescribed ride"...intervals & emphasis on hills (thanks, Dr. Pain...). Last night's storm may have knocked power out of Wegman's for 90 minutes, but it barely left its mark on the trails. Weird, cold, bleak weather (arm warmers? hmmm, I guess so)...greasy, slicky-slick roots, and thicker, nasty brambles. My mistake...looking down, rather than ahead ( "Oh, hi there, Root"...flail, slip, sputter). Chased BP as fast as I could, forgoing any semblance of finesse or flow. Some rides are just meant to be ugly and this was no exception. Still, I work hardest when I train with my dad...something deep-rooted about wanting to shine for my parents (and not in a weird starved-for-attention kind of way)...just can't bear to disappoint my dad. I have noticed that when I ride with my dad, it never feels like work (as in structured training sort of work, believe me I am suffering)...he can't possibly realize how much fun I am having gasping for breath, trying to grab his wheel.

1 comment:

Suki said...

I rode the hardest today I ever have.

had a friend REALLY pushing the pace on the downhills forcing me to man up and let off the brakes...

a little.

had. a. freaking. blast.